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Who cares who opens parliament



With all due respect to this audience, it is a ...“dog-eat-dog...” world out there. Please if you can, help out with the interpretation of the phrase. I don...’t even know what it means so why pile on the embarrassment. But it is a catchy phrase to use. One does not have to go far to find the hostility in this dog...’s world.

I am sure the major topic of discussion these days is the partial opening and the indefinite closing or suspension of the Parliament. This is not good for us who were looking forward for our annual comic relief. There is no better situation comedy than that coming out of Parliament. I do miss Dr. Lavulavu and his mano-a-mano (man to man) fist fight challenges. Siuhu!

I will leave the legality of the opening and the circus atmosphere unfolded before us to be determined by the experts and the court. I am betting my two cents the Court will come back and decide for the Government. I have no legal insight or expertise on the subject but based on those lawyers who are representing the parties, I vote with history.

Speaking of history, it was only a short ten years ago when the Press was dragged to court by the government and by then His Honorable Minister of Police Clive Edwards for their critical writings. Kalafi Moala, Akilisi Pohiva and Filokalafi Akauola were victorious, thus giving the press more freedom which is guaranteed by our Constitution. Now that Mr. Edwards is as common as the commoners, he is now challenging the legality of the Assembly...’s opening ceremony. I have no personal animosity toward the gentleman but his record as the Minister of Police pushed me to be cautious. I have been wrong many times before.

If I am the lawyer representing the Government, I will call the PRs to the stand and ask three questions: a). Prior to the opening of Parliament, were you aware HRH Princess Pilolevu was going to open the Legislative Assembly? b). You knew the king is ill in New Zealand and there is a possibility, one of his children will open the Parliament, why did you withdraw your weekly allowance if you believe it was illegal? c). Why are you here?

As I mentioned earlier, I am not a lawyer, but it seems, the politicians are doing business as usual. They seize the moment to make political points with very little regards to those whom they claim to represent. The public...’s welfare seems to be the least of their concern. When the Legislative Assembly fails to meet, the public pays the consequences. At Joe Public...’s level, he does not care who opened the 2006 Parliament. However, it will affect his daily life a whole lot when government programs are halted due to lack of funds that should have been approved by the suspended Legislative Assembly. I wonder what will the PSA members think when there is no budget for their 60%, 70% and 80% because of this legal hang up.

I am a big supporter of the Monarchy but not a big fan of the Royal children...’s conducts. I am also a staunch supporter of equality and fairness. If I am too harsh on the Royal Family because of their conduct, I pull no favors when our PRs forget who put them there. Remember, the only difference between the monarchy and elected government is that, in an elected government, the people choose who gets to abuse power.


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