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Gullible public can't see joke is a yoke

Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Sir

Tama Foa's latest assertion that the PM's not in charge is both right and wrong. Under the constitution as quoted, we know who is in charge and in that regard Tama Foa is absolutely right. He would be wrong however if we were to treat all PMs as a bunch of simpering sycophantic members of the fawning class. The appointment of someone from the ranks of the elected MPs is a departure from the norm and it would be reasonable for the community to expect the relationship between the King and the PM to be different this time round. On that score, I...’m prepared to wait and see, just as Akilisi Pohiva has reasonably asked, that we give the new guy a fair chance to show us what difference he would make.

While it's heartening to see and hear that the disaffected continue to heap their demands for action and change at the door of the PM's office, they should take Tama Foa's direction and make a shortcut to where all bucks should park!

Featuring the King as a prankster was and continues to be very clever spin by the royal courtiers and easily swallowed by a gullible and pliant public. I shouldn...’t be laughing at my own, but I...’m gagged by the realisation that this gullible and pliant public ...– Tama Foa and myself included, has been described recently as among the ...“most educated...” in the Pacific. Another one to the jokester! The royal double act complete with an armful of wristwatches, German World War II helmets, leather overcoats and boots, ski goggles and monocles as well as the deep pockets - are both quaint and cruel at the same time. But there is growing realisation that while the whole world is enjoying the show, they're laughing more at the audience who, well-educated as they are, cannot tell the difference between the joke and a yoke.

Sef Haouli


sef [dot] haouli [at] ihug [dot] co [dot] nz