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Ministerial reshufflling is window dressing



Ministerial shuffling is fine but it is only self serving for those who are in power. This action is only a ...“Window Dressing...” for the rest of the citizenry, for the status quo remains ...“AS IS...”.

Mr. Prime Minister, give us the real stuff, not a watered down soup stock that is presented as energizer better than real meat. We want a timeline when real changes are scheduled to occur. We want YOU, the Prime Minister, to be the driving force for change not the puppet point man for the ...“Ruling family....” As I have mentioned over and again, the Royal Family should remain in place for we have a rare gem in the Pacific. However, if any of the royal children wants to rule, they should compete for the people...’s vote like everyone else. We know who is ...“Eiki...” and who is not. Proper respect should always be given to those who are of ...“Eiki...” lineage, but let us not confuse ...“Eiki...” and power. Recognizing your hesitancy to make any change please let me post these questions:

A). When are we going to expect real change? i.e. Prime Minister directs and moves the government not the ...“behind the scene power players (Crown Prince, et al). Start date? How is June 1st, 2006? Start with the selection of a Constitutional congress, committee or forum. Whatever fancy title you want to call them, just form one.

B). What landmarks (the day the actual event will occur) for these changes do we expect to see? Please let me help you with the timeline in case you are still tied up with the ransom note in China. Oct 1st, 2006 - Constitutional congress or committee is formed to draft a new constitution. June 1st, 2007 ...– Draft Constitution is presented to various experts and interest groups to include Parliament for input and review. November 1st, 2007 ...– Constitution is presented to the public for vote. January 1st 2008 ...– The new constitution becomes effective. How hard can that be?

We want to see a real plan of action not a plan to plan when to plan for more talks about a plan. Show us something. Even economic change comes when the investors know the Crown Prince is not above the law. Who would want to invest in the kingdom knowing the Crown Prince will be around to create rule for his own benefits? Remember the Peau Vava...’u chaos?

Our problems persist because those who are ...“Eiki...” are in power. They want to be treated as Eiki regardless of the corrupted use of their power. Their constant reference to the Chinese in establishment of diplomatic relation as well as financial support is symptomatic of their ignorance of the Chinese long term strategy in the Pacific. Criticism of their leadership or lack thereof is looked upon as ...”fieme...’a...”. That is far from the truth. For those of us who want the Royal Family to last, we want the same change that was practiced in the past. When the Tu...’i Tonga Dynasty got tired of ruling the kingdom, the Ha...’atakalaua dynasty was created to assume the leadership role. Meanwhile the Tu...’i Tonga remained the ...“Eiki...”. The creation of the Kanokupolu dynasty by the Ha...’atakalaua dynasty was of similar situation. During all these changes, those who came from the earlier dynasties kept their ...“Eiki...” status. The same can be done today. There was neither a coup d'etat nor a revolution by the mass during these assumptions of powers.

Changing of the guards without a mandate to change our political direction is a ploy to redirect our attention away from the robbery ($60 million dollar loan) that is in progress. This is where a Prime Minister with true leadership is needed. Mr Prime Minister, stand up and ...“Lock Them Up!...” Book'em Dano!

Tama Foa

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