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TSBA clarifications

Nuku'alofa, Tonga


Executive Members of the Tonga Small Business Association (TSBA) are not happy with your article dated 8th April, 2006 titled: ...“Tonga Chamber of Commerce stalls challenge by TSBA...”. The Executive Members of TSBA have ordered me to inform you the fact that Mr. Tu...’i Uata is not the president of TSBA. Mr. Uata and his followers are not members of TSBA. May be Mr. Tu'i Uata has his own organization, of which we highly respect, but we are sure it is not the TSBA.

TSBA is an organization formed and licensed under the government of Tonga as a non-profit organization to influence business and to seek assistance from government and other entities to help its members grow. TSBA has no political interest, and has no agenda nor any interest in challenging other entities, like the Tonga Chamber of Commerce. Rather, TSBA encourages working together.

Every Tongan business owner is entitled to become a TSBA member, but they have to apply for membership and pay yearly membership fees.

In order to recover our credibility within our business community, we would very much appreciate if you would be kind enough to correct your news and apply the appropriate title. Our island nation is too small to stand against each other, and the last thing we want is to create enemies. Appreciate your understandings.

Respectfully Yours,
Saia Moehau

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Editor's note - My apology to the Tonga Small Business Association TSBA for getting the acronym of your organisation mixed up with TNBA, Tonga National Business Association, whose president is Mr Tu'i Uata.