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Teachers strike threat


Dear Editor,

I am sorry to say I find these so called educators (and I use the term loosely) who are threatening to strike yet again just because they are not getting the post they want. I thought the utmost want for them was a fair day's pay for supposedly a fair day's work. And for the benefit of the country they got it and at the cost of 95% of Tongans who don't work for the government, but that is another story as I digress.

Now they think they should be able to tell the system where they should be posted and what they should be promoted to and when. The short of it now is "THEY ARE A SELFISH GREEDY BUTCH OF..." Talk about given an inch and taking a mile!

If they think they are worth more, leave the system they think is treating them so badly and look else where, that's what democratically minded people do.

What they are doing is holding our children to ransom for their own SELFISH GREED.

I say to them, LEAVE TONGA because you obviously do not think they are good enough for you to teach. I doubt if any of them can honestly hold a job down teaching overseas, that is a Myth fed to them by the PSA that had other motives and needed their numbers for their own agenda, surely such so called clever people should be able to see that by now, anyway we all know what Myths are or may be not? or have the teachers who are threatening to strike found the long sought after Nirvana?

Maybe they can get rich selling directions to the historians and archeologists of the world. I am disgusted to see such irresponsible behavior from people to whom we trust our children's minds. Leave Tonga please, it will be good for you and definitely good for us all. We have more important matters to deal with, such as the survival of our Island Kingdom and you people are just a distasteful distraction.

My apologies for the harshness this may sound but, honestly, this is just ludicrous and idiotic behavior by the teachers.

A very annoyed Parent.

(Name supplied)

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