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Thinking about events in Tonga

Auckland, New Zealand

The Editor

My fellow pilgrim Inoke F Hu'akau and I have occupied more than our fair share of pixels in this forum in the hope that the exchange can inform some of the thinking around the events in Tonga and abroad. While it's tempting to go into the greater details and reduce this to a tit-for-tat point-scoring exercise, that will not serve everyone'’s greater good. Can I for the time being park the discussion on the alleged shortcomings of today'’s reformists for now and ask if my learned friend is able to put the current regime under the same scrutiny. I ask for this in the hope that all this political pixelisation isn'’t just another vacuous exchange and that for those who'’ve taken the trouble to follow these threads, a greater appreciation of the issues is likely to be arrived at if we were able to examine the other side of the same political coin.

Sefita Hao'uli