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Freedom to choose the right future


Dear Editor,

With the success of a peaceful outcome of the industrial strike. The focus is now on the Government and the aging system.

Prosperity has followed Tonga in the past decades. But it has outweighted the abuse of power and failures of this Government. The inflation, tax rise, consumption tax and other economical blunders have cost this Government to its knees today.

The people are realising that Tongans have been missing out all along. The accusations of foreigners digging in the national wealth and were not accountable to it, seems alarming. The Jester, Indian Prince Powers, Dr. Wong, Charlie Onodera and numerous economical investors have had a piece of the pie.

It is shocking to see that the Government has just 27% left in revenue for these pay rises. The likes of TongaSat, Shoreline, SeaStar, Royal Tonga Airlines,... which should be national asset has come to nothing.

The tax payers including the civil servants are funding a Kingdom of abuse: Abuse of power and greed.

I have never thought that in my life time, one day the whole of Tonga would march for a change of leadership in this magnitude and momentum.

The people are no longer marching for power prices, freedom of press, banning of newspapers, and wage increase but are marching for simply freedom.

Freedom to choose the right future for Tonga. A choice that can be collectively given by God-given leaders that would honour the people but not the aristocratic rule.

History has shown this time and time again, it is the people who are the wealth of the nation. Not Airlines, Fishing companies, power stations and wealth.

Look at the most wealthiest nation today, the tragic Hurricane Katrina. The aftermath, US president Bush can send in 100,000 troops and supplies to Iraq in less than a day on foreign soil, but couldn't send help to it's own citizens in strife on home soil!

Like I always say, without the people, you do not have your KINGDOM.

I would like to congratulate the PSA for sticking right through to the end. To my fellow colleges in Tonga, hope your first pay will be worth everything you wished for.

For king and Tonga,
William Mariner
ionaxe [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk