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First collective fight by the people

Arizona, USA

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to extend my heart-felt congratulations to the PSA and their supporters for their relentless efforts during the events of the recent weeks.

The ride has rather been a bumpy one, but given the fact that this was one of the "first" collective fights by the people, against the unrighteous and tyrannical dominion of the Tongan government, 'oku te manatu ki he lau 'a e kau leka, it wasn't bad start at all.

As a matter of fact, the important work of moving Tonga forward does not have to wait to be implemented by perfect men and women. To the PSA and those demanding political reformation, persistence is the key. Keep it up! Sir Winston Churchill once said, "Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

The avenues to achieving the so desired political reformation are many, and being that we are from a tiny island nation, full of intellects and people of great minds, we will find a peaceful resolution.

Such, I was elated to see that Tongan negotiators (not that I didn't like the NZ labor dispute guru [Goddard] and his team), Dr. Halapua, Maliu Soaki and the like, were able to assist in finding an interim solution to the issue. It is very rewarding to see Tongans utilizing Tongans to address and solve Tongan issues.

I wish to remind the Royals and Hou'eikis that the Tongans of the 21st century are no longer their used-to-be-followers, asking no questions and passing no criticisms. We desire and demand a government where they who do the most, don't get the least! For thus is the greatest flaw in the current Tonga government.

Change is evitable. If you don't think so, think again, maybe twice, or thrice for that matter. Change, although resisted by many, is the only thing that has brought progress - which is what the Tonga people need and/or rightfully deserve at this time. Remember, fallacies do not cease to be fallacies just because they have become fashions.


Sione Laione
Arizona, USA
desert_pro_psa [at] yahoo [dot] com