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Pay rise should be priority


Dear Editor,

First of all, thank you very much to your team in keeping us up to date with what is happening in Tonga.

Mr Editor, my concern is going out to the reality of the life stories from people that have worked our government from the background. I was so moved when I was reading about all the uncountable people who have worked as cleaners and rubbishmen for more than ten odds years and yet still earning as much as T$54.00 fortnightly or even less weekly.

I have recently visited Tonga just to catch up with family and friends, and to my suprise the inflation is shocking. Now I could hardly believe that these hard working people are able to support their families with this little money they earn. I think that the demand for a pay rise would of been met at the early stages of the strike, but now it is not only getting out of the government's hand and the leaders do not know now how to go about this.

This pay rise should have been a priority because these are the people that has worked our country for years and yet more years to come. I think that instead of the ridiculous rise that the ministers are getting on their pay cheques, they should refuse that and let the civil servants get at least a bit on their plate instead of the rich getting richer and yet the poor are getting poorer. These average workers are the people that sweat themselves in order to move our country forward, but then again how can the Government Ministers know that, because T$54.00 is nothing to them, that is just snack money while the average Tongans are scrapping the dirts for their living.

It is heart breaking thinking that Tonga is at that stage now, I think it is time that the leaders get off their high horses and smell the coffee. Stop pretending that it will go away, Tonga needs to go back to where it was, "GOD AND TONGA ARE MY REFUGE" Leaders and country should go back to where things were. Let the Lord do the miracles in your face, swallow the prides and get back to where Tonga was first known.

Right now Money is leading the leaders and I wonder what they assume the followers are going to do. God has been put aside and the sheep are running wild not knowing where to go. It is a shame to know that some of the leaders ignore and pretend this is not happening, you better wake up and do something before the peaceful kingdom is erupted with fire.

I am so very proud of all the civil servants and even relatives and friends who are there in support of the strike. I also take my head off for the leadership of the Hon Tu`ipelehake and the people`s represantatives for coming together and leading this strike. We all know that this topic was a talk of the past but having come together today and carrying itforward means a lot to most of us Tongans. And it is true, "UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL"I have lived overseas for many years and despite all that, I am still a Tongan and I am very proud of being one. I am in support of the ongoing strike and hope that God will use his almighty hands to solve this strike and put peace back to the once beloved Kingdom.

Yours Faithfully,
Anette Dougal.
(Very proud supporter)