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Sacrifices for the cause

Sydney, Australia

I have just read your article "PSA refuses to negotiate" and I am hoping that a few of your readers could assist with some inquiries, firstly as to what are the major differences between the old and new salary scales?

Also in the event of the PSA members receive this increase will they be subject to reviews and quality assurance or will they be left to perform as they have until now?

What effect will it have on inflation, and those working in the private sector?

I also enjoyed reading Sailosi Finau's letter on the "out-of-the-world-conditions", it is refreshing to see some logic instead of emotive speak.

I hope and pray that the PSA consider the sacrifices that the people that they represent have made for their cause and make their decisions based on what will benefit these people not for the political agenda of the democratic party.

Humility, fellow Tongans in Tonga and especially overseas, Government ministers, Democratic party needs to be practiced, a trait that we as Tongans were once so well known for.

Ms. F. Auliola
Housewife, mother and Tongan
Sydney, Australia