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Abuse of resources will lead to social turmoil


Dear Editor,

I am writing to response to the poverty issue in Tonga and I hope that u will put it on line.

Though I vigorously believe that there is hardship poverty (but not extreme poverty) in Tonga, the important question remains why poverty exists at all on an island blessed and endowed with important assets and commercial resources like the latest technological tools, such as satellite transmissions and the internet dot to domain. These are communal resources should be shared by all, instead of being the privilege of the elite few in the country.

However, in my view, poverty is a syndrome of the abuse of communal resources and the only way it can be cured is through compassion and strong community sense of belonging to the same family. Without bold and brave gestures to call and fight for the rightful distribution of these resources among the people of Tonga, the disparity amid the haves and the have-nots will continue to increase and social turmoil will soon follow.

I salute the DEMO for their continuous and relentless effort over the last 15 years in cautioning the government into doing something before it's too late. I hope that by this statement, I was able to shed some light on the issue of poverty in Tonga.

Thank you.

Dave Tonga