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Results for Poverty & Hardship

Saturday 30 January 2010
Pangai, Ha'apai
Both the MV Pulupaki and the MV Punalei are now tied up at the wharf here in Pangai, Ha'apai. The report from crew members of the MV Punalei is that "It almost sank" before the MV Pulupaki towed it into Ha'apai. It appears that there are serious problems with this vessel.
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Monday 29 January 2007
Sydney, Australia
Allow me to seek a better understanding of the questions raised in Joe Smith's letter of 28 Jan 07. Why does the royal family have lavish homes in Tonga, NZ and USA while there are roads in Tonga that are not paved, many villages in the outer islands without running water, many family homes still use outhouses instead of in-house bathroom/toilets, etc. - Sione Fifita
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Monday 13 June 2005
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
The Ministry of Finance is charging consumption tax on rental buildings. Don't they know that providing a service is peculiar to humans only? Buildings cannot provide a service (cf. a mechanic, doctor)so should be exempt from consumption tax. This consumption tax is really an income tax in diguise, which will certainly increase the rate of inflation, discouraging businesses (new and old) from operating. -Sifa Taumoepeau
Thursday 21 April 2005
Leaving the comfort of my poor upbringing at Foa for a new land, I am still amazed at many things that have not changed. Juan de Mariana once said, - "Taxes are commonly a calamity for the people and a nightmare for the government. For the former they are always excessive; for the latter they are never enough, never too much." Tama Foa
Monday 4 April 2005
Though I vigorously believe that there is hardship poverty (but not extreme poverty) in Tonga, the important question remains why poverty exists at all on an island blessed and endowed with important assets and commercial resources like the latest technological tools, such as satellite transmissions and the internet dot to domain. These are communal resources should be shared by all, instead of being the privilege of the elite few in the country. -Dave Tonga