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The Tonga government has handed over a lease of the ‘Ahononou Quarry in Tongatapu to Sekitofa Malupo, who owns the Petani Quarry, ‘Eua.
Thursday 7 November 2013
The flooding in parts of Nuku’alofa is a testimony to an ad-hoc decision-making process in the urban development of Nuku’alofa, Tukua Tonga, the director of the Urban Planning Unit of the Ministry of Land, said today. Flooding during this week’s heavy downfalls of rain, has closed some schools and businesses, made roads impassable, and caused community concern over the associated health risks.
Wednesday 6 March 2013
A car windscreen was smashed with a shovel in a confrontation between a road-worker and a tourism operator after tensions rose last week during one of many long closures of the main road to Kanokupolu.
Thursday 24 May 2012 - 2 comments
Multi-million pa’anga projects to improve public roads throughout Tonga over the next two years have started while others are on the drawing board to be financed under three different programs funded by Chinese loans and a grant from the Asian Development Bank.
Thursday 18 August 2011

Monday 14 August 2006
Only four people have died on Tonga’s roads so far this year - the lowest road toll in three years - but, tragically, in 2005 the victims were children who were hit while crossing the road, while the number of non-fatal road accidents has increased on previous years.
Thursday 29 December 2005