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Results for violence against children

Friday 12 July 2019

Geneva, Switzerland
An account of trauma will serve as a reminder to leaders around the world that violence, mental and sexual trauma, and substance abuse are interrelated issues that can have a deep and lasting impact on the lives of children. The evidence for this is overwhelming. This includes online abuse. The impact of violence lasts long after the abuse itself. Victims often experience lifelong social, emotional, and cognitive consequence and are more likely to become abusers themselves. By Zoleka Mandela, Etienne Krug, and Howard Taylor.
Thursday 2 November 2017

New York / Suva
Children as young as 12 months old around the world are experiencing violence in their homes by those entrusted to take care of them, reveals a new UNICEF report released on 1 November. Six out of every 10 one year olds in 30 countries are subjected to violent discipline on a regular basis and nearly a quarter are physically shaken as punishment. One in 10 are hit or slapped on the face, head or ears.
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Tuesday 1 September 2015
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
A 12-year-old boy from Ha'ano was allegedly beaten up several times with a piece of timber and a machete. Ha'apai Police expect to arrest two male suspects in relation to the incident on the small island of Ha’ano.
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Monday 18 May 2015
Nadi, Fiji
The President of Fiji, HE Ratu Epeli Nailatikau and the Special Representative to the United Nations Secretary General on Violence against Children, Ms Marta Santos Pais, sent a strong and unified message at the start of a three-day conference on ending violence against children today, saying “Violence against children is not inevitable, it can be prevented.”
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