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Thursday 23 November 2006
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
The Noble Tu'ipelehake today refused to attend the closure of the Tonga Legislative Assembly, and sat outside in protest against the People's Representatives who, he said, "have used terrorism as a political tool."
Friday 28 July 2006
East Palo Alto, California, USA
I just want to clear the air with the truth from endless rumors from Tonga to USA, because it breaks my heart to know that my aunty did her best and after everything she has done she is disrespected, ignored and not given the gratitude she deserves. I want everyone to know that VInisia was well taken care of in USA by her aunty Kolotina from day one to the day she was laid to rest. -Jane Ramona Taufa
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Thursday 20 July 2006
Brighton, United Kingdom
I write from the UK where the Princess Kaimana was posted for four years at the Tongan High Commission in London. She touched people on the other side of the world as much as she did in Tonga. Hers were not always great acts of politics but of acts of kindness, consideration, and humour that often go unacknowledged but have an enduring influence in many unanticipated and important ways. - Dr Maika Poltorak
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Thursday 13 July 2006
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
It's appalling to suggest that Ms Delgado would learn to appreciate the law more if she is shipped off to Tonga. In contrast, she would have been treated more humanely in the U.S. prison systems with education and rehabilitation, etc. Please note, Tonga is not a penal colony. - Sione A. Mokofisi
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Wednesday 12 July 2006
Seattle, USA
The NCPR committee came last Saturday to keep the original plan that was scheduled for Seattle meeting. 'Aisea Taumoepeau & Fatai Pale held the meetings followed after the community prayer by all different faiths in the Seattle area who came to mourn the loss of Prince Tuipelehake and Princess Kaimana.- Fatima 'Aho
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