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Results for treason

Saturday 30 September 2000

Nadi, Fiji
Over 100 people are now being investigated for treason in Fiji. This includes some influential and prominent business people, reported Fiji Live on September 5. From Matangi Tonga Magazine Vol. 15, no. 3, September 2000.
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Thursday 1 June 2000

Nuku‘alofa, Tonga
FROM OUR ARCHIVES 2000. "It seems to me that the whole approach to life in the Pacific Islands forever sails very closely to what we refer to as ethnicity, which is the way anthropologists and paternalistic aid donors forgive our basic racism....Another example nearer home was the racially motivated and cowardly violence, which young jobless, and dare I say it, hopeless Tongans, visited on our Chinese owned shops last year; an act of such barbarity that it shamed and disgusted me and every other Tongan of my generation...." Crown Prince Tupouto‘a comments in an interview with Pesi Fonua. From Matangi Tonga Magazine Vol. 15, no. 2, June 2000.
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