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Sunday 28 November 2021

Auckland, New Zealand
For years, WTO members have failed to forge an agreement to limit fishing subsidies, thereby allowing the continuation of ecologically devastating fishing operations that would otherwise be economically unviable. Now an agreement is within reach – if the political will is there to deliver it. The comprehensive draft now on the table combines measures to curb harmful subsidies with specific exceptions for developing countries. Governments have given their word that they will curb destructive fisheries subsidies. This week’s 12th Ministerial Conference in Geneva (30 Nov.-3 Dec.) will test the credibility of that pledge. By Helen Clark, et al.
Wednesday 19 December 2012
Kanokupolu, Tonga
A 400 metre fishing net left abandoned in the Kanokupolu Lagoon last week was a recipe for disaster. What was, not so many years back, a sustaining pristine lagoon environment, live with corals and teeming with tropical marine life has been broken up, over-fished and depleted. Fishing laws and their enforcement need to be reviewed. Shane Egan.