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Tuesday 5 March 2019

Brisbane, Australia
A recent study of four ancient bone tattoo comb tools, found in Tonga in 1963-64, has revealed they are the oldest confirmed in the world, and surprisingly two are made from human bone, say researchers in Australia. Radiocarbon dating determined the tools to be 2,700 years old
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Monday 3 August 2015

Nuku'alofa, Tonga
A noted American geo-scientist Professor William R. Dickinson (83) was laid to rest at Mala’e Sia cemetery in the village of Nukuleka, Tongatapu on Sunday, 2 August. Photos by Pesi Fonua and Linny Folau
Friday 25 July 2014

Nuku'alofa, Tonga
A team of Canadian archaeologists have excavated the remains of an ancient settlement outside the small village of Nukuleka, located at the entrance of Tongatapu’s central lagoon.
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Tuesday 27 April 2010
Kelefesia, Ha'apai
The Talisker Bounty and its support boat negotiated a tricky pass through a reef, to take refuge on an isolated island, Kelefesia, in Tonga's Ha'apai Group over the weekend after sailing from Nuku'alofa last week at the start of their recreation of the epic Bounty Boat voyage made by Captain Bligh over 221 years ago. Photos by Shane Egan
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