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Reserve Bank clarifies banking business

Nuku'alofa, Tonga


The Reserve Bank confirms that business such as investment activities, whereby funds are received from the public to be used for investments or loans at the risk of the person doing such business, is considered banking business. These activities are permitted to be conducted in Tonga only by those who have a banking licence granted by the Reserve Bank under section 7 of the Banking Act 2020.

The Reserve Bank has a role to protect both the interests of depositors and businesses from potential loss of funds therefore is obligated to license and regulate banks under the National Reserve Bank of Tonga Act and the Banking Act. In this regard, if any person wishes to conduct banking business then contact the Reserve Bank for more information on how to apply for a banking licence. The public is also alerted to refrain from investing in any business that has not been licensed by the Reserve Bank to conduct banking business.

The licensed banks that are authorised to conduct banking business are listed below. Any business that is not on the list has not been granted a banking licence by the Reserve Bank, as they have not met the minimum requirements for a banking licence and therefore members of the public should refrain from investing or putting money in an unauthorised business.

Licensed Banks:

  1. Bank of South Pacific Tonga Limited
  2. Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
  3. Tonga Development Bank
  4. MBf Bank LimiteD
For further details, please contact: Financial System Department
National Reserve Bank of Tonga Telephone: (676) 24 057; Fax (676) 24 201; Email: nrbt [at] reservebank [dot] to;


Public notice sponsored by the National Reserve Bank of Tonga. Ref #7599 19 October -19 November 2023.