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Legislation for Supervision and Regulation of Moneylenders in Tonga

Nuku'alofa, Tonga


A copy of the Moneylenders Act 2018 in both the English and Tongan languages can be found on the NRBT’s website or the links below:



One of the main objectives of the National Reserve Bank of Tonga is to promote financial stability as well as to maintain a sound and efficient financial system. In 2014, the National Reserve Bank of Tonga Act was amended to include the extension of the Reserve Bank’s mandate under Section 4A to regulate and supervise non-bank financial institutions as well as to manage and promote financial inclusion initiatives.

To regulate and supervise these non-bank financial institutions, the Reserve Bank developed the Moneylenders Act 2018 to regulate and supervise the Moneylenders in Tonga. This Act was proclaimed by Cabinet to come into force on 30th September 2020, and a Gazette notice has been publicly posted and published on the Reserve Bank’s website and Facebook page.

Moneylenders contribute to inclusive economic growth in Tonga by providing access to finance to those in the rural  and remote areas where there is no banking service.

The moneylenders assist households with short term cash flow needs to cover unexpected expenses and for urgent family obligations.

Similar to the regulation and supervision of other credit service providers such as microfinance and credit unions, the Moneylender Act ensures that all money lenders conduct their business on a level playing field and according to the same standards and conditions. The Act ensures only licensed moneylenders operate in the financial system.

More importantly, this Act protects the interests of the moneylenders’ customers, particularly customers that are commonly less financially literate and unable to access loans from the commercial banks.

This Act also assists with monitoring the high interest rates charged, it ensures the valuation of the security is accurate, and that any excess in the proceeds from the sale of collateral is returned to the borrower.

Who is a Moneylender?

Any business carrying on the business of moneylending. Moneylending means the lending of money at interest, with or without security, by a moneylender to a borrower.

Who is not a Moneylender?

  1. Any business that lends money to its members only e.g. work organization that lends money to its staff as a benefit; savings group/clubs that lend to its members;
  2. A Financial Institution (Banks) licensed under the Financial Institutions Act;
  3. Microfinance Institutions licensed under the Microfinance Institutions Act;
  4. Retirement Funds;
  5. Credit Unions;
  6. Cooperative Societies;
  7. Credit Institutions; and
  8. other entities as established by the Reserve Bank through regulation.

All moneylenders or persons conducting a moneylending business are required to be licensed by the Reserve Bank under the Moneylender Act 2018. All persons conducting moneylending business or wish to conduct a moneylending business are kindly requested to contact the National Reserve Bank of Tonga as soon as possible for further details on licensing procedures and requirements. Please note the Moneylenders license issued by the Reserve Bank is a separate license from the business license issued by the Ministry of Trade and Economic Development.

The table below is a list of businesses that are conducting a moneylending business.

The Reserve Bank is therefore requesting that those listed in the Table below please contact the Reserve Bank as soon as possible to apply for a moneylender license.

For those of you who are on the list but no longer conducting the business of moneylending, please contact the Reserve Bank to remove your name from the list. The purpose of this notice is to enable the Reserve Bank to license and assist all moneylenders to ensure that all moneylenders comply with this new Act.

The Moneylenders Act states that all moneylenders without a valid license that enter into a transaction after the commencement of this Act shall be unenforceable.

However, moneylenders who are not licensed shall not be contravening this Act by reason only of collecting money due under a moneylending transaction or a related transaction entered into before the commencement of this Act.

For this reason and to avoid any financial loss the Reserve Bank hereby requests that persons conducting a moneylending business or all moneylending businesses, please contact the Reserve Bank to apply for a license to comply with the Moneylenders Act.

Table 1: List of Moneylenders compiled through survey by the Reserve Bank (view at end of document.)

The Reserve Bank appreciates your assistance in complying with the Moneylenders Act 2018.

For more information, please contact the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Department of the National Reserve Bank of Tonga.;

A copy of the Moneylenders Act 2018 in both the English and Tongan languages can be found on the NRBT’s website or the links below:



For further details please contact: Financial Institutions Department National Reserve Bank of Tonga
Telephone: (676) 24 057; Fax (676) 24 201;
Email: nrbt [at] reservebank [dot] to; Website:



Lao ki hono Tokanga’i mo Pule’i ‘o e Ngaahi Kautaha Nō atu ‘o e Pa’anga ‘i Tonga΄

Ko e taha ‘o e ngaahi tefito’i taumu’a ‘a e Pangikē Pule Fakafonua ‘o Tonga΄ ko hono langa hake ‘a e ma’uma’uluta ‘a e tu’unga fakapa’anga΄ pea mo ha ngāue fakapa’anga ‘oku malu mo lelei΄ foki. ‘I he ta’u 2014, na’e fakalelei mo fakatonutonu    ai ‘a e lao ‘a e Pangikē Pule Fakafonua ‘o Tonga΄,  ke fakakau ‘a hono fakalelei  ‘a e kupu 4A ‘o e lao΄ ‘a ia ko hono tānaki  mai ki he fatongia lolotonga ‘o e Pangikē Pule´ ‘a hono pule’i mo tokanga’i ‘a e ngaahi kautaha fakapa’anga ‘oku ‘ikai ko ha pangikē΄ pea pehē foki mo hono pule’i mo faka’ai’ai ‘a hono fakafaingofua’i ‘a e ngaahi ngāue fakapa’anga΄. 

Ki hono pule’i   mo tokanga’i ‘a e ngaahi kautaha fakapa’anga ‘oku ‘ikai ko ha pangikē ko ‘eni΄, na’e fokotu’u ai ‘e he Pangikē Pule΄ ‘a e lao ’o e Ngaahi Kautaha Nō atu ‘o e Pa’anga΄ 2018, ke tokanga’i mo pule’i ‘o e Ngaahi Kautaha  Nō atu ‘o e Pa’anga΄ ‘i Tonga΄   ni. Ko e lao ko ‘eni΄, na’e tu’utu’uni ai ‘e he Kapineti΄ ke kamata ngāue’aki ‘i he ‘aho 30 ‘o Sepitema 2020 pea kuo paaki atu ‘i he fanongonongo kāsete΄ pea pehē ki he Peesi ‘Initaneti (website) mo e peesi Facebook ‘a e Pangikē Pule΄.

‘Oku tokoni ‘a e ngaahi Kautaha Nō atu ‘o e pa’anga΄ ki he tupu faka’ekonomika fakalūkufua ‘i Tonga΄, ‘aki ‘enau ’oange ‘a e faingamālie ma‘a kinautolu mei΄ he ngaahi feitu’u ‘uta mo mama’o atu΄, ka ‘oku ‘ikai kenau ma’u faingamalie kenau ngāue’aki ‘a e ngaahi ngāue fakapa’anga fakapangikee΄. ‘Oku tokoni ‘a e ngaahi Kautaha Nō atu ‘o e pa’anga΄ ki he tokotaha taautaha΄ (household), ‘i he feau ‘a e ngaahi fiema’u fakapa’anga vivili ki he ngaahi fakamole fakatu’upakee΄ pea mo e ngaahi fatongia fakafamili fakavavevave΄.

‘Oku tatau pē mo hono pule’i mo tokanga’i ‘a e ngaahi Kautaha Nō Pa’anga kehe΄ hangē ko e Kautaha Nō Taautaha ki he Fakalakalaka ‘a e Ngaahi Pisinisi ‘i he Pasifiki Saute΄ pea mo e Kautaha Nō ‘Iunioni΄, ‘oku fakapapau’i ‘e he lao ki he Ngaahi Kautaha Nō atu ‘o e Pa’anga΄, ‘oku fakahoko ‘a e pisinisi nō atu ‘o e pa’anga΄ ‘i ha tu’unga ‘oku totonu mo lelei, fakatatau ki he ngaahi founga mo e tu’utu’uni tatau.

‘Oku fakapapau’i foki ‘e he lao΄ ko e ngaahi Kautaha Nō atu ‘o e pa’anga pē ‘oku laiseni΄ ‘oku nau fakafatongia ‘i he tafa’aki fakapa’anga΄.

Ka koe me’a mahu’inga taha΄, ‘oku  tokoni ‘a e lao ko ’eni΄ ki hono malu’i ‘a e kakai ‘oku nau nō ‘a e pa’anga΄, kae tautautefito kiate kinautolu ‘oku si’isi’i ‘enau ‘ilo fakapa’anga΄ mo ‘ikai malava kenau nō mei΄ he ngaahi pangikē fakakomēsiale΄. ‘Oku toe tokoni foki ‘a e lao΄ ni ki hono tokanga’i ‘a e ngaahi totongi tupu (interest rate) mā’olunga΄ pea΄ mo fakapapau’i ‘oku tonu ‘a hono fakamahu’inga’i ‘a e ngaahi koloa malu’i΄, pea ke fakafoki ‘a e toenga pa’anga ‘a e tokotaha nō΄ hili ‘a hono to’o kotoa e ngaahi fakamole ‘oku totonu ke to’o mei΄ hano fakatau atu ha koloa malu’i.

Ko hai ‘a e Kautaha Nō Atu ‘o e Pa’anga΄?

Ko ha kautaha ‘oku΄ ne fakahoko ‘a e pisinisi nō atu ‘o e pa’anga΄. Ko e nō atu ‘o e pa’anga΄, ‘oku ‘uhinga ia ki hono nō atu ‘o e pa’anga′ fakataha mo ha totongi tupu, ‘o malu’i pe ‘ikai malu’i, ‘e ha kautaha nō atu ‘o e pa’anga΄ ki he kakai ‘o e fonua΄ ‘oku nau kole nō;

Ko hai ‘oku ‘ikai ko ha Kautaha Nō Atu ‘o e Pa’anga?

  1. Ko ha kautaha ‘oku nō atu ‘a e pa’anga ki ha taha ‘o ‘ene kau mēmipā΄. Ko e fakatātā΄ ki ai ‘oku kau ai ha ngāue’anga ‘oku ne nō atu ki he’ene kau ngāue΄ ko ha monū fakangāue′ pē; kau ki ai mo e kulupu pe kalapu lī pa’anga ‘oku nō atu ki he’enau kau mēmipā΄ pē;
  2. Ngaahi Kautaha Pa’anga (Pangikē Fakakomēsiale) ‘oku laiseni ‘i he malumalu ‘o e Lao ki he Ngaahi Kautaha Pa’anga΄;
  3. Ngaahi Kautaha Nō iiki ‘oku laiseni ‘i he malumalu ‘o e Lao ki he Ngaahi Kautaha Nō Iiki΄;
  4. Kautaha Sino’i Pa’anga Mālōlō mei΄ he Ngāue΄;
  5. Kautaha Nō ‘Iunioni
  6. Ngaahi Kulupu Sosaieti Fetokoni’aki΄ (Cooperatives)
  7. Ngaahi Kautaha Kuletiti; pea mo ha
  8. ngaahi kautaha kehe pē kuo fakakau ‘e he Pangikē Pule΄ ‘o fakafou ‘i ha tohi tu’utu’uni.

‘Oku mātu’aki kole atu ai heni ’e he Pangikē Pule Fakafonua ‘o Tonga΄ ki ha taha pe kautaha ‘oku΄ ne lolotonga fakahoko ‘a e Nō atu ‘o e Pa’anga΄ ki he kakai΄, ke mou kātaki fakamolemole ‘oku fiema’u kemou laiseni ‘i he malumalu ‘o e Lao ’o e Ngaahi Kautaha Nō atu ‘o e Pa’anga΄ 2018.

Ko kimoutolu kotoa pē ‘oku mou lolotonga fakahoko ‘a e pisinisi nō atu ‘o e pa’anga΄ pe faka’amu ke fakahoko ‘a e pisinisi nō atu ‘o e pa’anga΄, kemou kātaki fakamolemole ‘o fetu’utaki mai he vave taha΄ ki he Pangikē Pule Fakafonua ‘o Tonga΄ fekau’aki mo e fakaikiiki΄ mo e founga ki hono laiseni΄.

Kātaki ‘o fakatokanga’i ange ‘oku kehe pē ‘a e laiseni Kautaha Nō Atu ‘o e Pa’anga΄ ‘a ia ‘oku tuku atu ‘e he Pangikē Pule Fakafonua ‘o Tonga΄ mei΄ he laiseni pisinisi ‘oku ‘oatu ‘e he Potungāue ki he Fefakatau’aki΄ mo e Fakalakalaka Faka’ekonomika΄. Ko e tēpile ‘oku hā atu ‘i lalo΄ ko e lisi ia ‘o kinautolu ‘oku nau fakahoko ‘a e pisini nō atu ‘o e pa’anga΄.

Koia ai, ‘oku kole atu ai heni ‘a e Pangikē Pule΄ kiate kinautolu ‘oku hā atu honau hingoa′ ‘i he tēpile ‘i lalo΄, kemou kātaki fakamolemole ‘o fetu’utaki mai ki he Pangikē Pule′ ‘i he vave taha΄ fekau’aki pea mo e kole ki he laiseni Kautaha Nō atu ‘o e Pa’anga′. Ko kinautolu pe ngaahi kautaha ‘oku hā atu homou hingoa ‘i he lisi ΄ ka ‘oku ‘ikai ke mou toe fakahoko ‘a e pisinisi nō atu ‘o e pa’anga΄, kātaki fakamolemole ‘o fetu’utaki ki he Pangikē Pule΄ ke to’o homou hingoa mei΄ he lisi΄.

‘Oku makatu’unga ‘a e kole΄ ni ke malava ‘a e Pangikē Pule Fakafonua ‘a Tonga΄ ‘o laiseni pea mo tokoni ki he ngaahi Kautaha Nō atu ‘o e pa’anga kotoa΄ pea mo fakapapau’i ‘oku muimui ‘a e ngaahi Kautaha Nō atu ‘o e pa’anga kotoa΄ ki he tu’utu’uni ‘o e lao fo’ou ko ‘eni΄.

‘Oku hā ‘i he lao ’o e Ngaahi Kautaha Nō atu ‘o e Pa’anga΄ ‘a hono fakata’e’aonga’i mo ‘ikai fakalao ha aleapau nō ‘a e ngaahi Kautaha Nō atu ‘o e pa’anga kotoa pē ‘oku ‘ikai laiseni hili ‘a e kamata ngāue’aki ‘o e Lao΄ ni. Kaekehe, ‘e ‘ikai lau ha taha pe Kautaha Nō atu ‘o e pa’anga΄ ‘oku ‘ikai laiseni ‘oku΄ ne maumau’i ‘a e Lao ni΄, ‘okapau ko ‘ene tānaki pē ‘a e pa’anga tā fakafoki mai ‘o ha nō mei΄ ha aleapau ki mu’a ‘i he kamata ngāue’aki ‘o e Lao΄ ni. Pea ‘i he ‘uhinga ko ia΄ pea΄ mo fakapapau’i ‘e ‘ikai ha pa’anga ‘e mole΄, ‘oku kole atu ai heni ‘a e Pangikē Pule′ ki ha taha pe kiate kimoutolu kotoa pē ‘oku fakahoko ‘a e pisinisi nō atu ‘o e pa’anga΄, kātaki ka mou fetu’utaki mai ki he Pangikē Pule′ ‘o ‘omai homou tohi kole laiseni΄ ‘o fakatatau ki he lao ’o e Ngaahi Kautaha Nō atu ‘o e Pa’anga.

Tēpile 1: Lisi ‘o e Ngaahi Kautaha Nō atu ‘o e pa’anga΄ mei΄ he savea na’e fakahoko ‘e he Pangikē Pule΄.

Table 1: List of Moneylenders compiled through survey by the Reserve Bank


  1. ACE Finance, ‘Alakifonua
  2. 'Akapei 'a Fafine Tonga Finance, Fasi-moe-afi
  3. 'Alini Finance, Matahau
  4. 'Alo-ki-Ha'afata Finance, Lapaha
  5. ALP Finance, Ma'ufanga
  6. Andrea Jolie Finance, Haveluloto
  7. Angelica Finance, Haveluloto
  8. Annelies Instant Finance, Nuku'alofa
  9. AS Finance, Tatakamotonga
  10. Asumda Lia Finance, Ma'ufanga
  11. Atilua Finance, Haveluloto
  12. ATL Finance, Halaleva
  13. Bilsal Finance, Vaini
  14. Bula Finance, Tatakamotonga
  15. Callista Finance, Vaini
  16. Chrishi Finance, Mataika
  17. DJ Loa & Tausisi's Loans and Finance, Nakolo
  18. Eakemai Finance, Kolofo'ou
  19. Eva Finance, Nukunuku
  20. Fakahaofi Mo'ui Finance, Fua'amotu
  21. Fakalelu 'a Kainga Finance, Houma
  22. Fakatoumafi Finance, Veitongo
  23. Falekihetoa Loan Finances, Houmakelikao
  24. Family Finance,Tokomololo
  25. Federal Pacific Finance Limited, Kolofo'ou
  26. Felemi Loans and Finance, Tatakamotonga
  27. Fe'ofa'aki Finance, Pea
  28. FGW Financial Loan, Vaini
  29. Fietokoni'aki Finance, Tofoa
  30. Five Star Finances Company Limited, Haveluloto
  31. Foliaki Finance, Ma'ufanga
  32. FoNōnga he Lotu Finance, Vaini
  33. Frank Finance, Ma'ufanga
  34. Fruitful Finance, Houma
  35. Gardenia Finance, Ma'ufanga
  36. Glow Finance, Kolofo'ou
  37. Good Hope Finance, Mataika
  38. Halafungani Parn Shop and Finance, Houmakelikao
  39. Halaifonua Finance, Longoteme
  40. Hasieli Finance, Fangaloto
  41. Hesasuhe Finance, Kahoua
  42. Houmangalu Finance, Talasiu
  43. Hubert 5 Finance, Haveluloto
  44. Hume Finance, Masilamea
  45. I. J. Tonata Finance, Fatai
  46. Jarnica Cash and Finance, Fatai
  47. Jaslin Finance, Vaini
  48. JJS Savou, Ma'ufanga
  49. Johnia Cash & Finance, Mataika
  50. JR Finance Service, Kolofo'ou
  51. JRVYNII Finance, Tokomololo
  52. Junior Finance, Houma
  53. K. Tu'ifua Malupo & A. Glenn Finance, Bay ‘o Manu Mataongo (‘Anana)
  54. Kafa & Harry Finance, Lapaha
  55. Kaha'u Melie Financial Financial Services, Lomaiviti
  56. Kaloni Finance, Kolonga
  57. Kiera Uasi Finance, Ha'akame
  58. Kilisitina Finance, Ma'ufanga
  59. Kiwi Shop & Finance, Ma'ufanga
  60. Ko'ema Finance, Ahau
  61. Kolo'ila Contractor & Finance, Ha'utu
  62. Kolokakala Finance, Tatakamotonga
  63. Kolonga Tahi Finance, Kolonga
  64. Kupu I & M Finance, Liahona
  65. Laisa 'Ilaisaane Siale Finance, Lavengatonga
  66. Lalanga Finance & Productopm, Pahu
  67. Langilangi Tokoma'ata, Vaini
  68. Lataimu'a Finance, Lavengatonga
  69. Lavaka Finance, Lapaha
  70. Lea he Mo'oni Finance, Halaovave
  71. Leilani & 'Olivia Finance, Matafonua
  72. Leipua Lani Finance, Kolomotu'a
  73. Lelei Finance, Kolofo'ou
  74. Liki-Vaihea Finance, Halaleva
  75. Lini Finance, Haveluloto
  76. Lolotava Finance, Ma'ufanga
  77. Longolongo 'Eiki Finance, Ma'ufanga
  78. Loreto Cashmere Finance Services, Ha'alalo
  79. Loveta Finance, Pili
  80. LS Finance, Kolofo'ou
  81. M.T.J. Finance, Hofoa
  82. Maamaloa Loan & Finance, Navutoka
  83. Ma'ata's Finance, Haveluloto
  84. Mafi Tau Finance, Kolonga
  85. Mafikananga Loan Finance, Tofoa
  86. Maka Finance, Lapaha
  87. Maka Tekina Finance, Pahu
  88. Makaha Finance, Fatumu
  89. Makiloti & Tevita Pekipaki Finance, Vaini
  90. Mana Mei Langi Finance, Ha'asini
  91. Mangele C.L.V Nau Finance, Fatai
  92. Manuevaha Finance, Ma'ufanga
  93. Mary Jane Finance, Ma'ufanga
  94. Matangi-lelei Finance, Lapaha
  95. Ma'u He 'Ofa Finance, Ha'ateiho
  96. Mele Valele Finance, Holonga
  97. MFH Finance, Hamula
  98. Michael Angelo Finance, Fasi-moe-afi
  99. Millis Loan & Finance, Fanga
  100. MJ Finance, Haveluloto
  101. MJSS Finance, Malapo
  102. Moala Finance, Ma'ufanga
  103. Moimoi Rental & Finance, Kolomotu'a
  104. Monepea Cash & Finance, Tu'atakilangi
  105. Mo'ui He Lotu Finance, Pili
  106. MSA Young TMP Finance, Makapaeo
  107. Mustard Seed Finance, Houmakelikao
  108. Ofa he Lotu Finance, Tofoa
  109. Ohana Finance, Liahona
  110. Oliveti Finance, Longoteme
  111. OSNE Finance, Puke
  112. Pacific Finance & Investment Limited, Ma'ufanga
  113. Paea Finance,Tofoa
  114. Paea he Lotu Loans & Finance, Tatakamotonga
  115. Palu Finance, Fasi-moe-afi
  116. Papa Finance, Lapaha
  117. Papatea Finance Limited, Haveluloto
  118. Penaia Finance, Malapo
  119. Petra Finance, Homua
  120. Pro Loan Finance, Pea
  121. Provider Finance, Vaini
  122. Puafisi Family Finance, Kolofo'ou
  123. PVT Immigration & Finance, Kolofo'ou
  124. Ranaa Finance, Lavengatonga
  125. Rohani JR Quick Loan Finance, Tokomololo
  126. Rosetilia Finance & Services, Haveluloto
  127. S&S Finance, Longolongo
  128. S&S Tapuaki Finance, Vaini
  129. Salote Finance, Vaini
  130. Sam & Tau Finance, Holonga
  131. Sam Finance,Kolomotu'a
  132. Samvita Finance, Fatumu
  133. Sangster Finance, Ha'asini
  134. Seilose Finance, Matahau
  135. Semikolo Finance, Lapaha
  136. Sesta Finance, Halaovave
  137. Sia Junior Finance, Fasi-moe-afi
  138. Siale Family Finance, Lapaha
  139. Si'i Me'i Suka Finance, Mataika
  140. Sitaena Sola Finance, Ma'ufanga
  141. Siumafua Finance, Folaha
  142. SNTFM Fakaongo Ki Langi Finance, Haveluloto
  143. Soakimi's Finance, Lapaha
  144. Sofia Susitina Sakalia, Ma'ufanga
  145. SSS Palu Finance, Fanga
  146. Suliana Kakala, Fanga
  147. Susana Finance, Pelehake
  148. TalaNōa Finance, Ha'asini
  149. Talimalimali Finance, Makaunga
  150. Taniva Finance, Longolongo
  151. Taufu'i Family Finance Services, Popua
  152. Taukakapa Loan & Finance, Haveluloto
  153. Titako Finance, Longoteme
  154. TJ Wals Finance, Kolofo'ou
  155. Toa ko 'Ahopanilolo Loan & Finance, Ma'ufanga
  156. Touliki Micro Loans and Finances, Ma'ufanga
  157. Tu'imana Finance, Pahu
  158. Uasike Finance, Fahefa
  159. Uikelotu Topaz Finance, Ma'ufanga
  160. Utufia Finance, Popua
  161. Utulanivaka Finance, Tatakamotonga
  162. Vai ko 'Elimi Finance, Tofoa
  163. Vaka Tau Mai Finance, Fasi-moe-afi
  164. Vangana He 'Ofa Finance, Fanga
  165. Veronica Finance, Houmakelikao
  166. W & L Finance, Vaini
  167. Waterlily Store & Finance, Fo'ui
  168. Watson & Lose Finance, Nualei
  169. Young Brothers Loan Finance, Tofoa


  1. Joyceann's Finance, Talau
  2. KaNōgata'a Finance, Longomapu
  3. L & M Finance, Kameli
  4. Lilia Finance, Neiafu
  5. M&M Finance, Neiafu
  6. Saineha Kaufusi Veatupu Finance, Masilamea
  7. SSE Finance, Neiafu
  8. Talifuifui Finance, Feletoa


  1. Obama Finance, Nōmuka


  1. 'Aholelei Finance, Futu
  2. Halatoafa Finance, Petani
  3. HoNōlulu Finance, Mu'a, 'Eua
  4. JLC Finance, 'Ohonua
  5. Katrina Finance, Pangai, 'Eua
  6. Mele Takau Finance, Ha'atu'a
  7. Paea he 'Ofa Finance, Angaha
  8. Paionia 'O Kolomaile Finance, Ha'atu'a
  9. Pamini 'Anau Finance, Pangai, 'Eua
  10. Samaletani Finance, 'Ohonua
  11. Tele'a Hiva Finance, Sapa'ata
  12. Victoria Finance, 'Ohonua.

Oku hounga’ia mo’oni ‘a e Pangikē Pule′ ‘i homou tokoni ke tau muimui pau ki he tu’utu’uni ‘o e Lao ki he Kakai Nō Atu ‘o e Pa’anga΄ 2018.

Ki ha toe faka’eke’eke, kātaki ‘o fetu’utaki mai pē ki he Va’a ki he Ngaahi Kautaha Fakapa’anga ‘oku ‘ikai ko ha Pangikē ‘a e Pangikē Pule Fakafonua ‘o Tonga′.

Fakatokanga’i ange ‘e ma’u atu ‘a e tatau ‘o e Lao ki he Kautaha Nō Atu ‘o e Pa’anga′ ‘i he lea Faka-Pilitania′ mo e Faka-Tonga′ ‘i he peesi ‘initaneti (website) ‘a e Pangikē Pule′ pe ko e ma’u’anga fakamatala koena ‘oku hā atu ‘i lalo′.



Ki ha toe fakaikiiki kātaki ‘o fakafetu’utaki ki he: Tafa’aki ki he Ngaahi Kautaha Fakapa’anga Pangikē Pule Fakafonua ‘o Tonga
Telefoni: (676) 24-057; Fax: (676) 24 201
Meili ‘Elekitolonika: nrbt [at] reservebank [dot] to Peesi ‘Initaneti:

Faka’apa’apa atu
Pangikē Pule Fakafonua ‘o Tonga

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