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Roadblocks enforce lockdown in Tonga

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Check point at Vuna Road, Nuku'alofa. 30 March 2020.

People who ventured out today, on the second day of Tonga's national lockdown, encountered checkpoints on main roads, manned by police officers and soldiers.

Roads have been blocked around the Nuku'alofa CBD with people forced to enter checkpoints for access. Every vehicle was stopped and passengers questioned to ensure lockdown compliance with the National Lockdown Notice issued by the Prime Minister on Friday.

Only essential services are open such as retail shops, supermarkets, hospital, pharmacies, banks, telecommunication and news services, among a few Government essential ministries.

The lockdown applies to all of Tonga from 1:00am on Sunday 29 March to 1:00am Sunday 5 April.


Tonga Police is enforcing the lockdown by manning checkpoints 24-hours, assisted by soldiers from His Majestry's Armed Forces (HMAF), in the national efforts to prevent the spread of CoViD-19 to Tonga. 

A Police spokesperson said today that a majority of the people have complied with the lockdown. 

At the same time, Police have arrested a few drunks for obstructing police officers, when they were removed for drinking alcohol in public areas.

Police will also look into reports that there were still funerals being held with more than 20 people present.

Mass gatherings have repeatedly been prohibited by Government, when it declared the State of Emergency Order on March 20.

In Nuku’alofa, checkpoints are situated:

  • Taufa’ahau Road to Mata-ki-‘Eua 
  • Fatafehi to Tupoulahi Road.
  • Hihifo Road starting at Hofoa
  • Vuna Road.

There are also checkpoints on the western district at Nukunuku, Fou’i and Houma. The same applies, at Vaini and Mu’a on the eastern district. 

Police are deploying more than 200 plus officers to take shifts manning these checkpoints.

Meanwhile, domestic ferries and airlines, as well as buses are prohibited from operating, during the lockdown.

The Prime Minister's office has issued a list of essential services that may operate under the notice.

To read the full National Lockdown click on links:

English: PDF iconNational Lockdown Notice_26_03_3030.pdf

Tongan: PDF iconFanongonongo_26_03_2020.pdf