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Talamahu Market should lift their game or go home

I was in Tonga in July. Went to Talamahu Markets to buy some tomatoes but was met with indifference or envy. I was just gobsmacked at the way these people react to customers. What are they there for? If they are not interested in selling anything, please vacate the premises as I am sure there are other people who want to take their place. I was just talking to a well-known lady of Nuku'alofa, who is now in Suva, Fiji. She went to the Suva Markets and immediately she could feel the difference in atmosphere with Talamahu. Stall holders were smiling and ready to help her as soon as she comes along.

What is happening to our country? Captain Cook didn't name Tonga the Friendly Islands for nothing. People in Talamahu should lift their game or go home.

Malo 'aupito,
George Wolfgramm,
Sydney, Australia.