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Slow Justice is No Justice

Pago Pago, American Samoa

Martin Luther King Jr motioned that Slow Justice is No Justice – may I add that part justice is still no justice – for those who think that equality for all, including women, can be accomplished without ratification of CEDAW are deluded. Those who are concerned and afraid that CEDAW could lead to legalizing abortion and same-sex marriage should be reminded that the Constitution supersedes CEDAW together with all other legislation and mandates.

People should march to the Palace to assure that the Constitution is solid against abortion and same-sex marriage ... not against CEDAW.

Church leaders should then go home to their congregations to assure that this the prevailing attitude going into the future. Parents go home and assure that their kids understand and concur.

Sione Lousiale Kava


Mature politicians should show their manliness by drafting Equal Opportunity Act, Equal Pay Act, Fair Share Act, Non-Violence Against Women Act, etc. Saying that we can't achieve "equality" without the CEDAW is a sign of what C.S Lewis called as "men without chest." Really? Do we need this organization to show us how to bring justice to our women? U.S has not ratified the CEDAW yet it leads the world in fighting discrimination against women. The PM should not leave the God-factor out of Tonga's political equation. To do that is early political suicide for Tongan democracy.

Slow Justice is best Justice. Ko e fa'ahinga koia 'oku hilifaki kiai 'a e tautea mate (capital punishment) 'i 'Amelika ni, 'oku fa'a tukuange kinautolu ia ke nau mo'ui pe 'o a'u ki he ta'u 25 pe lahi ange. Ko hono 'uhingaa, ke 'oange 'a e taimi faingamalie lahi taha na'a lava ai ke nau fakatomala mo'oni mo liukava mo'oni 'enau mo'ui meihe hia fakalilifu mo e fakapo na'a nau fai. Pea na'a lava ai ke nau hu ki Hevani. Ko e talanoa'i ko'eni 'o e CEDAW, 'oku 'ikai koha me'a si'i, he 'oku 'i ai ho'o totonu ke ke poupou'i, pea 'oku 'i ai 'eku totonu ke u fakaikai'i koe'uhi ko e mo'ui faka-molale 'a e fonua. Ko e lahi ange 'a e taimi ke tau talanoa'i ai 'a e CEDAW, ko e lahi ange ia 'a e mo'oni 'oku ma'u (come out). Kapau 'oku ke fakavavevave ko e ki ha'o me'a, 'alu ko e fai ho'o me'a koia, tukuange pe kakai lotu ia fonua ke fai honau fatongia fakatatau ki he'enau tui. Pea ke ha'u pe koe 'o 'march' ki he palasi 'o tala kiai ho'o fakakaukau. Kohai koe keke fokotu'utu'u mo fakatonutonu mai 'a e loto 'o e kakai mo e kau taki lotu?....SAIA

Slow Justice is No Justice = Injustice
Women's dignity as created equally with men in the sight of the Almighty have been marred from the beginning hence injustice for women became a threat to justice everywhere throughout history and Martin Luther King Jr rightly said it again "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". Inherited and continuing Injustice to women in Tonga is why PM's Cabinet''s Must ratify CEADAW. The leader of Diocese Catholic Church of Tonga and Niue, HE Cardinal Mafi, enthusiastically supported the CEADAW ( Media statement), n order to do more justice for women in Tonga (as stated in 28 of the 30 articles of the CEADAW). However he does not believe, like LDS and most extreme evangelicals that the reservations on 2 of the articles made by the Cabinet will not prevent abortion and same sex marriage. Minister of Justice Hon. Vuna Fa'otusia clarified the safety net in our constitution and laws as well guaranteed and so no need for hick-ups or over emotional marchers who presented petition that raised grave concern over using of students to sign! That's how injustice can often lead to more injustice. World Council of Churches and its members throughout the world (345 churches with more than half billion, Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga is the only member church in Tonga with Anglican Church through Diocese of Anglican Church of Polynesia) are fighting injustices including injustice to women. They would certainly salute the PM and his Cabinet in ratifying CEADAW as sign of Tonga's legacy as a Christian country fighting injustice at the outset. CEADAW was proposed in 1979, put into force in 1981, and already women in the Free Wesleyan Church were allowed to climb into the pulpit as preachers at the same year, and to wear the white collar, tie and goat as church ministers ten years later. 1995 Government ratified Convention on Right of Child, and CEADAW was next on its agenda since, until 2011 (after first democratic election in 2010) Government committed to held public consultations and church leaders had their chances. The last consultation was targeted to be held in February 2015 by the same government (Tu'ivakano) in order to coincide with UN CSW 20 years after Beijing (China) 1995 where her Majesty, Queen Halaevalu Mata'aho let a large Tongan contingencies and came back with mandate to follow up measures for Tonga to ratify the CEADAW. How lucky Tonga is to have a new dynamic PM and efficient Cabinet to agree to ratify the CEADAW as their humble gift for the Queen's untiring effort in advocating for women's dignity and rights in Tonga. Thanks for the PM and his Cabinets in scoring but credits should be going to all including the lemon runners and coffee makers. People who want to slow down justice are often those who often benefit from injustice that is slowing justice. When we heard about "lulu tava" (corruption) in 1984 people who wanted to slow down changes to democracy came especially from those who enjoyed the "lulu tava"! I agree with you big John, Slow Justice is No Justice which equals Injustice.

I agree 100% there with Martin Luther King Jr. big John, "Slow Justice is no Justice" In fact it is Injustice in the making! hahaah. Concerns now as many students were made to sign the 10000 petition against CEADAW, waaau lucky teachers! I don't think there is no slowing down of the CEADAW. The PM and Cabinet just happened to put the ball on for a try! So all supporters of CEADAW ran to the field and jump and dance for joy. Those who lost, ran to the referee with their placards and petitions and shout you evil thing! Alll the preparations had been done way back 1995 when Queen Mata'aho let big Tongan delegations to Beijing to support status of women. 2011 Tuivakano's government committed to ratify CEADAW by conducting public consultations which had church leaders then and representatives of civil society and presented in Parliament for deliberations. 3 Articles were recommended to have Government's reservations. So all were set for the new PM and his Cabinets to take on a task that was to be fulfilled and ready to go. But why did it take so long for Cardinal, some church leaders and followers including evangelical groups to become publicly involved in the long due process? Church leaders forum's office and secretary is funded by the government of which Cardinal is its chair. What if they protest by refusing to get government fund because they do not approve Cabinet's decision to ratify the CEADAW. Its like "they do not eat beef but drink only milk!" This is when Slow Justice is not only No Justice but also a tasteful Injustice! - Little Elincia.

As a matter of fact, Tonga do have a choice to participate in the CEDAW!
1. Sign and ratify
2. Ratify by succession
3. Abiding by treaty
4. Only sign
5. Sign and ratify but reject article 16 and 29 (concerning same-sex marriage and international relation)
6. Non-signatory
Just like USA and Palau have signed, but not yet ratified the treaty. Then, the Holy See, Iran, Somalia, Sudan and Tonga are not signatories of the CEDAW. This is interesting because building the best hospital in the world takes only a year, but changing policies take ages unless if that happens before the next election. We also need to think ahead of the curve - allowing such policies to happen will have a huge impact in our culture if we are to anticipate. Slow justice is a political tactic that shows Tonga have a beautiful mind. Is what I called "Think before you speak". I'm sure the current government will one day very soon have a choice. Whatever that would be, must be the best. Not to mention, we are the only nation in the world, that has never been colonised, although many have attempted to do so, but they failed. Food for thought.

It's funny how one says that "Slow Justice is No Justice = Injustice". It seems that this one is either a psychiatric survivor or has been uninformed; misinformed or ill-informed. Slow Justice (motion/movement), No Justice (absence) and Injustice (lack) are not equal and are different. Where is democracy and justice when one say, "PM and efficient Cabinet to agree to ratify the CEDAW as their humble gift for the Queen's untiring effort in advocating for women's dignity and rights in Tonga"? So CEDAW is "justice for one" whereas "injustice for many"? Fairness & equality is a myth in the real world. We only have fairness & equality by differentiation. CEDAW is an act of injustice by women against men, children and other creatures. It's an extravagant greediness, selfish, nepotism and act of cowardice... Isn't that the essence of democracy that these politicians been promoting, living and enjoying all these years is the - survival of the fittest and might is right? Then why hiding behind CEDAW today? Is this another political move and agenda for the next parliamentary election???