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A more progressive Tonga: enhancing our inheritance

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Public Consultations: Draft Tonga Strategic Development Framework II (TSDF II)

Key Stakeholders and the public are invited to review and submit comments on the TSDFII

before March 31st, 2015

All written comments to submit to:

Office of the CEO,

Ministry of Finance and National Planning

P.O. Box 87, Nuku’alofa, Tonga

To download copy of the draft TSDF II, please click here


Tonga Strategic Development Framework (TSDF) II, 2015-2025.

Government has approved in principle the draft Tongan Strategic Development Framework 2015-2025, A more progressive Tonga: enhancing Our Inheritance to be shared widely to the public and stakeholders outside government for information and comment. The TSDF II is a broad 10 year framework to guide all development initiatives for the Kingdom of Tonga.  TSDF II serves as the overarching national framework to guide all the lower level plans and budgets at sector, district and corporate level. It also has consequences for the role of organizations outside of government who have important responsibilities for the Kingdom's development.

Minister for Finance and National Planning ‘Aisake Eke responsible for finalizing the TSDFII stated that “following the ending of TSDF I in December 2014, the formulation of TSDF II builds on the lessons learnt from TSDFI and feedback received during the consultations carried out with key sectors of the economy in October- December 2014 and a second round of consultation within Government ministries, departments and agencies this year. It also draws on the collective experience of small island developing states as set out in the Pacific Plan, regional and international commitments where they can be helpful to Tonga’s development.

In summary, the main composition of the TSDFII draft starts with the Motto of the Kingdom, established by Tupou I, as our top level guidance and our current culture to provide the background within which we operate. The National Impact we thus seek in the TSDFII is: "A progressive Tonga supporting higher quality of life for all." This is supported by seven national outcomes focusing upon inclusive and sustainable growth and development to ensure long term progress which is broader based and fairer to all: 

A. a more inclusive, sustainable and dynamic knowledge-based economy 

B. a more inclusive, sustainable and balanced urban and rural development across island groups

C. a more inclusive, sustainable and empowering human development with gender equality

D. a more inclusive, sustainable and responsive good-governance

E. a more inclusive, sustainable and successful provision and maintenance of infrastructure and technology   

F. a more inclusive, sustainable and effective land and environment management, with resilience to climate change and risk

G. a more inclusive, sustainable and consistent advancement of our external interests, security and sovereignty

Organizational Outcomes have also been identified to support these National Outcomes. Each Organizational Outcome contributes to a number of National Outcomes to varying degrees. It is the responsibility of many institutions to develop their Outputs to support these Organizational Outcomes, which are grouped into five pillars.

Minister Eke further stated that “the last round of consultation with the relevant key stakeholders outside government included the communities (represent by the district and town officers), private sectors, Non-Government Orgnisations, church leaders and parliamentarians will be on the basis of the draft TSDFII document where a short draft is now available on the websites for the: Ministry of Finance and National Planning, Ministry of Communication and the Prime Minister’s Office. 

In addition, any interested groups or individuals are encouraged to send in written comments, by 3 April 2015. The preference is for emailed copies, but hard copies are also welcome to the Ministry contacts including: secretary [at] finance [dot] to and cc to lfaletau [at] finance [dot] gov [dot] to.

The full documents can be found at

See Draft Tonga Strategic Development Framework II

Download the PDF file here (3.3 MB)