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'Eua man charged for bribing detective with bananas

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

'Ofa Lauaki of 'Ohonua was charged with bribing a police officer Detective Pita Tahitu'a with a sack of taro and bunches of bananas, so that traffic charges against him might be dropped.

Police Commissioner Grant O'Fee said on January 25 the accused took one sack of taro and four bunches of bananas to Det. Tahitu'a's home at Angaha.

The detective reported the matter to Acting District Commander Sgt .Tahifote who told him to question the accused about his intention for giving him the food crops.

The accused had admitted the intention of giving food to Det. Tahitu'a so that three traffic charges against him in January might be cancelled.

Commissioner O'Fee praised the officers. 

"I recommend that Acting Sgt. Tahifote and Det. Pita Tahitu'a be awarded commendations for maintaining integrity and honesty in carrying out police duty. This will be a good example to other police officers to resist corruptive temptations," he said.


In Tongatapu, police reported that after youth fights in Lapaha on Saturday, January 26, four male persons aged 17 to 34 from the village, had been charged with bodily harm and assault.

Alcohol and other issues were believed to be factors, he said.


Meanwhile, police reported 62 offences from January 28 to February 3, with majority of the crimes registered at the Nuku'alofa Central Police Station.

Theft was the most reported offence with 24, followed by 15 assaults and seven housebreaks with other crimes. 

Police had arrested and charged four male offenders from Ma'ufanga and Sopu for housebreaking, theft, assault and intent to rob in the area. They will appear at the Nuku'alofa Magistrate's Court on Monday, February 11.


I want to congratulate the Sgt. Tahifote and detective Pita Tahitu'a in their honesty and protecting the integrity of the Police. All Police officers should look at them as role model. I also want to acknowledge the Commissioner O'Fee for giving the award to the Police Officers. They should be promoted to a higher position as they are the quality of people that Tonga needs.
Sione Tu'itavake-Fonua

'I he taimi na'amau polisi ai kimu'a he valungofulu, na'amau ui pe 'emautolu 'a e kato talo, pea mo e kausiaine ko e fakalahilahi vahenga, he ko e kovi atu e vahenga kau polisi he taimi koia. Ka 'i ai ha taha 'e ha'u 'o fakalaulaunoa mai ha fo'i tokonaki 'i he fanga ki'i hia iiki peheni, ko e me'a pe 'oku mau fai ko e tala atu ki he tokotaha koia, malo e ma'u tokonaki, 'alu pea 'oua toe fai. 'I he taimini kuo lelei foki vahenga kau polisi, na'e totonu ke peheange 'ofisa polisi. Malo ma'u tokonaki, 'alu pea 'oua toe fai, kau totongi 'e au ho'o tikite (public relationship). Ko e mahu'inga 'oha fakahikihiki (recommendation), 'e makatu'unga ia 'i he mahu'inga 'o e fa'ahinga hia na'e fai. SAIA