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There are no good dictators

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


Daniel K. Fale seems to idolize Spain's dictator Francisco Franco (1892-1975) as a "good dictator," by quoting from some Franco propaganda (Franco...22 Sep 2009).

But Mr. Fale could not refute the fact that Franco was a Hitler and Nazis sympathizer, and the United Nations sanctioned him for the killings of minorities and democratic political enemies during and after the Spanish Civil War.

I thank Mr. Fale for the Random House Dictionary definition of a "dictator," but the question asked: "What was Mr. Fale's definition?"

Most dictators share certain things in common that a dictionary definition does not mention: They murder people indiscriminately (especially minorities and political enemies), and they enact their own laws to keep themselves in power.

I disagree with Mr. Fale: There are no good dictators.

Sione A. Mokofisi

samokofisi [at] hotmail [dot] com