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Stop the nonsense

Pago Pago, American Samoa


I just can't fathom the lack of common sense that seems to dominates the Government Departments these days.

The Parliament must have so much time doing not much of anything that at one time they discussed to consider banning Mr. Foni Pole'o's song, Hulita, from being aired. The explanation was, it was too sexually suggestive. What a joke coming from a group of alcoholic and hypocrites that makes up the Parliament. But even if it is, who is going to scrutinize all the lyrics to be aired in public radios in Tonga? "Ko e kai ia 'a e Funga Hihifo" was banned for years, now it is ok. Why, has it become less sexually suggestive over the years? Please stop the Nonsense.

I can stand the bad roads and no public toilets. I can understand the rising cost of fuel and food I can live with all the ills of our homeland. I can live with most everything in our beloved country. But it is annoying dealing with the ridiculously bad Customer Services in Tonga. In developed countries, the customers is the boss. They are the reason businesses exist. They are treated with dignity and importance. But only in Tonga, you name it, anywhere you go, every business and departments are peopled with kings, queens and royalties. You, the customers, their blood line, has to pray and ask to be served.

Customers are often viewed as inconveniences, instead of those that brings in the money that would eventually pay for their salaries.

This week, The Tonga Broadcasting Commission employed the worst response to an inquiry from the public as to why the campaigning program was "blacked out" last week. "No Comment". This is the usual response by criminal under police investigation. A rapist or murderer would answer, No Comment. Ko e fa'ahinga tali pe ia 'oku fai 'e he kakai 'oku nau mofisi mo fie'eiki.

Public needs and have the right to know these information and yet the best response is "No, Comment". Please stop the Nonsense.

When is Tonga going to learn that it cannot legislate morality. What is this wasting of time to ensure stores are closed on Xmas and any other day of the year for that matter? What is the Minister of Police trying to prove? A Dog and Pony Show to prove that Tonga is still a Christian Country. It may be news to you Tonga, but to the rest of the world, no one cares. Unless closing of stores and businesses is of dire importance to Tonga's' national security, all should be allowed to open 24/7, even on Sundays. Let the owners decide. If the businesses becomes too loud for churches, let that be a point of arrangement between the churches and the community of villages, not to be decided by the government.

As to the Holy Rollers of Tonga, the business and the stores opens only on Sunday because you and your congregations demand their services on Sundays. Efficiently run stores remain open only because customers are buying. The Minister of Police can spend his time and the Ministry's manpower on stopping disturbances caused by drunks in the villages.

Stop the Nonsense.

Mafi 'o Amerika Samoa

slkava [at] samoatelco [dot] com