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Landfill from seabed mining

Neiafu, Vava'u


I believe the proposal of Nautilus Minerals Tonga Inc. is a great Idea.

Instead of restricting the landing of waste deep-seabed rubble we should force them to guarantee the landing of a set amount of tons per month to be delivered to government selected sites to act as landfill. There are lots of ideal sites on Tongatapu.

What easier and cheaper way of creating "Lebensraum" for government, commercial and private buildings and businesses on our Islands, once we have a economy healthy enough to do so and as long we keep Nautilus Minerals away from our immediate Shorelines.

If the deep-seabed waste should contain dangerous substances, Nautilus Minerals must be forced to clean them before depositing it ashore.

Deep-seabed mining is not such a novelty that we have to be awestruck by the efforts of Nautilus Minerals, there are 62,000 entries by Google, check them out, it is an eye opener for the ones who do not know what is involved. Our neighbouring countries have discussed the matter for a long time already.

Kind regards

Heinz Koester

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