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Feeding frenzy

New Zealand


Before I press on with my issue, may I commend you on the job that you are doing. You do yourself and your news site much credit and bring credibility to the art of journalism.

Now to the issue at hand. The Tongan Rugby team and the headline that read, Hungry Tongans stay Humble. That they were hungry comes as no surprise, well, maybe just a little bit. But to call them Humble would be like calling a cow a pig!

In what way were these Tongans humble? Was it the way in which they put away 30 whole chickens? Or maybe it was the 27 kg of lamb they scoffed? And the temerity to ask for more food after that! The only people who were humbled would be the pub patrons who witnessed this feeding frenzy!

In truth, if this team was truly humble, they should...’ve been happy with a slice of bread and a piece of fish with a glass of water to wash it down with. If then, they were still hungry, then a timely prayer would...’ve sufficed. That is being humble! Or maybe, their daily prayers was for food and their prayers were answered, I don...’t know.

There are other world championship contests we would do well in other than Rugby, and it...’s right up their alley. The WC pie eating contest, or the hot dog eating contest etc...…...…As it is, they should be having proper meals with light portions in preparation for the world cup. Little wonder why they fade in the last 70 minutes of a game. Exercise alone will not help their fitness. They have to be eating the right foods as well. You only have to look at fellow Tongans who ply their trade overseas with other countries. They are properly looked after, and in return, they are much better prepared to play a full 80 minutes.

I only hope that they at least put on a good show at the world cup and be remembered for some momentous games, win or lose. And not remembered for the immensity of their eating habits. If we look back to the last tournament they competed in, the Pacific Nation Cup, the only thing I remember of the Tongan Rugby team was their eating habit and the mess they left at the Hotel they stayed in.



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