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The National Economic Policy Council

Nuku'alofa, Tonga


I humbly request the following correction to your report entitled, "Economic Summit sets the pace for Tonga development" that appeared on 17 April.

Regarding the Hon Prime Minister...’s proposal to establish the National Economic Policy Council, your report stated, "The Prime Minister proposed an eight member Council to be made of four Cabinet Ministers and four other members from the Private Sector."

The Hon Prime Minster actually proposed, "The Establishment of a National Economic Policy Council, comprising 4 Cabinet Members and 8 Private Sector Members, this being an Executive rather than an Advisory Council, and the one to see through the refinement and implementation of the Recommendations arising out of this Summit, and continuing beyond."

Yours sincerely

Lopeti Senituli
Press Secretary/Political Adviser to the Prime Minister

lsenituli [at] pmo [dot] gov [dot] to