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16/11 hampers sports

Pago Pago, American Samoa


Immediately after the terrorist attack on September 11, the Nation was told to expect that in the life is not going to be same anymore especially in the security area. To day, anyone who travels anywhere in the US will complain about the extra security measures at airports. But the majority will say, it is an necessary inconvenient to assure that there is not going to be a duplication of September 11. We all assume responsibilities in some capacities.

I have all the respect for the athletes who have trained for some times in their lives looking forward to this year's South Pacific Games. But this is probably the time when we all must make that decision to sacrifice our personal endeavors in light of the destruction of 16/11.

The government is suffering from lost revenues. There is a significant number of unemployment. So people's buying power has decreased causing problem with the private business. Everyone is suffering.

While the government is sweating out revenue measures, the best we can do is cut down on our expenses.

I have to increase my remittance to my parents in Tonga to make up for the drop in sale on my Dad's crops from the plantation. But I asked them to sacrifice some of their activities to cut down on expenses until things gets better.

We must make the necessary sacrifice now.

Mafi 'o Amerika Samoa

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