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Sun Setting on Temo's

San Mateo, California, USA


It seems the continuing bantering and rhetoric by the pro-Temo leaders knows no boundaries. The article published by Mr. Akilisi Pohiva in response to a previous article by Mr. Senituli, exhibits a political ...‘tethering...’ mentality ...– a war of words to see who can lay claim as the real playground bully. An attempt to convey clarity to the events that led to ...‘Black Thursday...” and juxtapose where to direct blame. For his self-serving credit, Mr. Pohiva blames the PM and government for their role in leading and directing the ...“Temo supporters...” in the looting, plunder, and death. How much more does he think we can take? There are multitudes of families adversely affected by the destruction of the riot, in Tonga and abroad. Many others detained in jail, Tongan business people with completely different goals now, and most of all a disenfranchised public with little trust to rely on Tonga...’s current pro-demo players, poor Akilisi included.

The most thought-provoking or effective thing the leader of the Tongan Pro-demo movement can do at this hour ...– is publish an article to clear the air and somehow hope to regain acceptance. Mr. Editor, please relay this question to Mr. Pohiva, ...“Is that all you got?!?!?...” Tell me it ain...’t so. His countrymen are in dire need of assistance, leadership, and solutions ...– and the best thing he can come up with, is a damn article about who did what, when. That ain...’t democracy nor leadership, he...’s on the brink of bullshit. Mr. Editor, please relay this to Mr. Pohiva too, ...“Please get on your high-horse, ride toward the sunset, and don...’t turn back....”

If Mr. Pohiva is to understand anything about democratic leadership, its all about clout, results, and perception. Remember the order, don...’t change their priority, and nothing can be no more truer than the latter. True intentions, personal attributes, and wisdom aside, if the perception of the majority of people think you stink ...– absolutely very little you can do to change the odor. The best thing to do is change direction. Here...’s an idea, maybe jump on the bandwagon with the Royals. Or maybe, its quite evident you have no good ideas left. That Tongan sunset may be starting to look better afterall.

Happy New Year, and Happy Trails to All,

Alipate Sanft

asanft [at] mangofinancial [dot] com