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The Police failed to act on November 16

Pago Pago, American Samoa


Black November should be a wakeup call for the Ministry of Police and other Government Emergency Management Agencies Regular citizens like me could get away from our lack of or no response to avoid the disaster of November 16 simply saying we had no idea that anything of this magnitude was going to happen.

However, the Police Department are not regular people like us. They are supposed to be trained professional responsible for the safety of the public and their property.

I understand that the Police Department got some intel report warning them of impending outbreak of violence on November 16. This intel warning was not taken seriously.

Even if there was no intel support, leaders in the upper echelon at the Ministry of Police should know that a possibility of the disaster on November 16 was imminent or very likely.

It is gross negligence on their part that they weren't prepared and or ready to respond to the November 16 Disaster.

Let's work on our training manual and set up training.


HMHC Mafi 'o America Samoa

slkava [at] samoatelco [dot] com