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'Aloha to Pangai Si'i



Your Article and Pictures on the Protesters at Pangai Si'i really brings tears and sadness to this one Tongan man, you see I've lots of times on my hand here at Orlando Florida, left Hawaii three days ago and bored cause my family are out at Disney World and my favorite pass time is surfing the net especially Matangi Tonga. Really enjoyed reading your last editorial about the Power situations in Tonga.

My heartfelt 'Aloha to all the Tongan Protesters at Pangai Si'i, especially on this Labor Day, it is their god given rights with in our Tongan Constitution, to demonstrate and Protest by camping and demonstrate, to show their feelings about all the situations concerning how this status quo Govt. and the House of the King is treating them, so called Joe private Tongan citizen.

Labor Day in America is a very special day for me personally, I have been involved with the Labor movement here in America and Internationally for the past thirty years, and have seen first hand of how the most powerful take advantage of the weak and under privileges of the world.

I'm seeing that happening in Tonga, example: The Power situations in your last editorial comment, in my view, the people's representative should push this issues as the main priority for Govt, to work together and come up with a proposed solutions instead of all the finger pointing, stop talking about the "Care Taking Govt. of Dr Sevele", public are not stupid, they see how the Old Boys network operate in conjunction with this Govt. TEPB comments on your last articles.

The TEPB noted that the 5.21 seniti per KWH increase would not allow the service provider, Shoreline, to make additional profit but: "Merely allow them to recover fuel price increase borne by them".

If TEPB really belived that Joe public accept that nonsense, then I'd like to sell them some "Beach Property in Palm Springs California". TEPB, have you looked at the Book at Power Provider,? their business and payments structures that were brought out in the open by their former computer employee last year? ( please do not insult our intelligence, do the math )

We all know the history of the Shoreline Saga, this is a political priority, the peoples representative should come up with a proposals and legislation bills, to take care of the Power situations, there should be an outrage by all Tongan's.

Where are all the Leaders that Led the marches with PSA last year, maybe we should call on them to organized a demonstration showing Govt. that they can't keep this price gouging with the Electricity situations. Business Leaders and Association, organized a demonstration like you did with your PSA group last year, it seems like that's the only way this Parliament and Govt. would listen to this outrageous price gouging, stop all the Whinnying and do something constructive about the Power Situations, bring out all the facts in the open, let the chips fall where they may, this issue is too important to sweep under the carpet.

Labor Day is generally regarded simply as a day of rest and, family getting together including picnics, barbecues, fireworks displays, water activities, and families with school children take it as the last chance to travel before the end of summer, as we are doing here in Florida, Happy Labor Day to all my fellow citizens at Pangai Si'i, we're with you. One outrage Tongan.

Tu'a 'Ofa Atu


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