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Talanga 'i he lea faka-Tonga

Enlightening the 'barbarians'



Each time an expert from abroad arrives to enlighten and civilize the "barbarians"” of the Friendly Kingdom, it gives me the creeps. Please do not ask me why. Idiots usually feel that way about people. There should not be any surprise that I fit in perfectly when I feel that way. The latest was the visit by Ms Imrana Jalal, a Human Rights Advisor for the Pacific Regional Rights Resource Team. Please put your guns away. That is uncalled for. I support human rights as well.

I am not anti-human rights. It is the attempting to do major revision to a system which may only need minor adjustment, that I am cautious about. This is like an attempt to perform a major surgery to remove a pimple. I agree with most of what the Human Rights advocates are discussing. It is the hypocrisy in the system that bothers me this time.

The United Nations is notorious for selecting member nations, who are denying basic human rights to its citizens, as members of its Human Rights Commission (now called the Human Rights Council). On May 9th, 2006, the United Nations Human Rights Council selected its Council members. Among the members of this Council is the People...’s Republic of China. Yes, the same China whose government will be completing the construction of the Forum Facilities in Tonga. The same China who forces abortion on families so they will have one child only? The same China who executes anyone who protests for anything? The same China who executes criminals and harvest their body parts for transplants? The same China whom you do not have a right to form a political party other than Communism? My friends, this is that same China. I did not see, hear or read about any protest or any attempt to educate the Chinese dignitaries about Basic Human Rights. I am just thinking out loud. If anyone nation needs human rights education, I think its China.

Next time an experts on human rights arrives on our shore to educate us barbarians about our human rights violations and our inadequacy in that area, please let me make this suggestion to ...‘Akanete Lauti, the Director of the Friendly Islands Human Rights and Democracy Movement. You escort them to the Chinese Embassy to educate their staff. That will be a good start. Then again, we do not want to offend a friend, who is economically helping us, do we? Offending the Chinese Government will probably violate their human rights as well. Now, I see the logic.

We speak our minds, demonstrate freely without fear of police, free to go anywhere we want in the kingdom without a pass from the government, and can worship any God we like, but we still have plenty of room to improve. Do you think it...’s a good idea to ask China or Cuba to help us with our human rights as well? I wonder if Ms Imrana Jalal is available !

Tama Foa