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PSA Dictatorship Demand

New Zealand

Dear Editor

I personally have great interest on articles posted by various scholars and ordinary civilians in your website. Although I disagree with some of their ideas but I'm extremely privileged with the diversity of their thinking. Such differences of opinions may bring a common sense solution to all parties concerned. However, the continual dictatorship demands of the PSA have no place in modern society. It seem to me that they place themselves above everybody else in the sense that they threaten to go on strike if their demands are not being met.

HRH Crown Prince Tupouto'a is adapting extremely well to majority's demand but PSA resists to accept his constitutional role. Such resistance will only prolong our request for political transition. The Royal family has realized the need for changes and is navigating for a peaceful and enduring solution. Government has showed a great deal of respect for PSA in meeting their previous demand.

This approach should never be repeated for Nation's unity and stability. I ask PSA to please bring in a healthy and constructive plan rather than attacking the Monarchy's Constitutional Prerogatives. If PSA decide to go on strike against the elevation of three new Ministers then they should be treated in accordance with the terms and conditions of their individual employment contracts.

Honourable Prime Minister, you must be confident and be determined in your dealing with PSA. Such discourtesy should not be proliferated within the peaceful Kingdom of Tonga. God Bless'

With Regards

Velangilala Tupou

New Zealand

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