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A desperate act

Moss Beach,California, USA


Prime Minister, Feleti Sevele is highly motivated to succeed in executing the multi-million dollar loans from China. His primary focus is to secure the $60M Crown Prince Tupouto...’a is asking for even though Tonga is operating on an empty coffer. So what is the next course of action to secure the loan?

It is highly likely that Tupouto...’a and Sevele...’s next desperate act is to reshuffle ministers, fire and appoint new ministers and create new portfolios. The only rationale to this theory is Sevele and Tupouto...’a need the vote to go through parliament for the $60M royal power. Sevele knows this has to be done and it has to be done quickly because they know that the existing Cabinet and government probably have the jitters. Who would not have the jitters when there is a definite lack of accountability that lies behind the continued mismanagement and overspending by Government?

Ministries (I am guessing) that are most likely to be affected by this desperate reshuffling of the chairs on the Titanic are Justice, Public Works, Police, Lands, Agriculture & Fisheries, Tourism, and Sport. This may be the groundbreaking year for Tonga. First the King appointed a commoner for the first time to be Prime Minister. The next appointment is probably what every Tongan woman is hoping for to secure their place in the political arena: the first woman Minister. A very progressive move on the royal family that suggest they recognize the talents of the common people. However, please do not be overwhelmed by such calculated overture because when it comes to royalty, there are always strings attached.

Corrupt, graft and poverty are the breeding ground of absolute monarchy; they are the deliberately engineered effect of it.

Quid pro quo!

Mele Payne Lynch

mlpayne222 [at] aol [dot] com