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Issue of impeachment petition

Idaho, USA

Matangi Tonga,

Please discuss the issue of impeachment petition for the Premier and Tongan Ministers as petitioned by by the PSA representatives.

I am Mr. Taniela Fakalolo Kivalu, a Ph.D. Health and Human Services at Walden University, Baltimore, MD. I am currently residing in Boise, Idaho and read the news from Matangi Tonga regarding the petition for the impeachment petitioned by PSA.

Honorable Veikune, Speaker for the House, Tonga Parliment, discussed that the impeachment process is a function of the Parliment. Many other things brought forward regarding working toward the impeachment of the Premier and the Ministers. Honorable Veikune said "The impeachment process has to be presided by the Supreme Judge. If the Premier and the Ministers are found guilty of the charges alleged by the representative of PSA, then his Majesty King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV should assent." (Matangi Tonga, Sept 12, 2005).

However, 'Akilisi Pohiva, Number 1(One) Representative for the people from Tongatapu appeared on a radio interview with the "Ano Masima," from Salt Lake City, Utah, described that many of the proposals including the transformation of the Monarchy System in Tonga had been presented before the House, but rejected by the Government. The "Strike," was taken as one of the reasons to voice their views (PSA) that the answers to some of the issues addressed in the House had been unfair and mistreated. Clive Edwards, a Former Police Minister described that the Prime Minister had demonstrated that he was not fit for his duties to the Government as well to the public, which he had demonstrated for number of years already. The President of the PSA had expressed the same view, Finau Tutone (Matangi Tonga, September 16, 2005).

If the People's Party failed to be recognized in the House, where else to do you expect them to address their greviances? The Impeachment sought by the PSA was addressed to the King. Honorable Veikune contradicted that petitioning the King was not the proper place to address the Impeachment. He said, "The Parliment is the proper place, but if the PSA and the People's Representative were rejected at the House-Parliament, where do you expect the PSA and People's Party to proceed beside the King?

My statistical analysis of the political participation in Tonga is about + or - 20%. Where is the 80% of the functional population and how are you account for their absence?

As an observer of the Tonga Political triumphant, I am interested if you could provide some answers to the questions addressed here. If you cannot, please inform me anyway. The focus of my studies is upon the people affected by the social and political changes around the world.


Mr. Taniela F. Kivalu

tanielafkivalu [at] netzero [dot] com