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To Mr Margison

New Zealand

Re: Time for change in Tonga

Firstly I would like to post a few words for Mr Brett Margison on his letter.

Please do not liken Tonga to the Sewer that is part of Asia. It is so-called well-meaning Palangis like you with your one minute anywhere you have never been that usually destroys places.

As you said, a German-owned hotel. Guess what? German is not Tongan. Guess what too, it's Palangis who go to the Pacific and exploit our naivity in human nature that destroys us. Don't come to Tonga ever if that is your wish, coz your kind is not needed, your one minute visit gives you no insight into anything, so keep you rubbish to yourself.

Yes, we are poor by western standards but Tonga is owned by Tongans, not like NZ Maori by race and taken by white men who said they knew better, and please don't give me some rubbish about being Maori decent or quarter cast coz that just won't decently defend your arrogant colonial babble.

Stolen is a word used often in the history of NZ but not in Tonga. Fortunately a great deal of your countrymen do not appear to share your short sighted, misplaced, arrogant outburst. Look to your own history before you cast any stones further than Rotorua or Christchurch. If you think you have angered a Tongan Mr Margison, be assured you have in no uncertain terms, our Industrial dispute is not a door way for your Colonialistic Opinion. Progress NZ to its rightful owners then you may comment.

We will sort out our own affairs as we have always done through good and bad times, we may not see eye to eye always but we take the journey and reach our destination as Tongans in Tonga run by Tongans. Let me leave it there as your stupid remarks deserves no more of my precious emotions.

A Proud Tongan

Tei Ak
downunder_002 [at] hotmail [dot] com