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Tears of sadness for our home

California, USA

My heart was full of sadness after I heard what happened to our home. Uoleva is one of the most respected homes in Tonga and I don't understand why they burned it or what a respectful home has done to the people of Tonga.

I spoke to my auntie Vainiaku Mulikiha'amea Koloa Paea who lives in L.A. about what happened. She cried tears of sadness and she shared with me the history of the Uoleva home, afterwards we both cried. She told me that these people may have burned Uoleva, but they won't ever take away the memories that lie in our hearts and that there is no place in Tonga like 'Uta-Ki-Uoleva-Fakalata-'O-Loto-Mu'a.

We don't know who burned the home but only God knows. Remember, God watches over and there is nothing hiding in his eyes, we all know that. I can't believe how much disrespect they showed to the King of Tonga. Maybe they never learned about respect at home or they could have left Tonga and came back from another country thinking that they know everything; and not only that, but they thinking that they are better and able to just come and practice these barbaric actions towards a country that gave nothing but open arms and love.

Please, I ask that the people out there learn to respect others, for in return you are respecting yourself, and remember when you disrespect others you are disrespecting yourself and God. Please try to be humble and remember where you come from; and remember that you need to know how blessed you are to be a Tongan. To the Royal Family in NZ and Tonga, our prayers are with you always. We will never forget the kindness and thoughtfulness and always humble heart you have shown.

'Ofa atu,
Uoleva, Vilimulikiha'amea, Melelatai Mulikiha'amea Family
mei he 'api ko Tangi-Ke-Feohi,
mei California, USA.

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