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Tupou I - would join strikers in Pangai Si'i!


Dear Editor,

"Today, the first anniversary, the first year of the freedom of Tonga, is passed.
It is true we are a small government, a small nation, but I am thankful there are no slaves in the government. Thanks to the great God that I am alive today to see it a success. If I never accomplish anything else, I am grateful I have been able to give to the Tongan people their freedom from slavery. This freedom I give you all, will become the law of the government for ever and ever and it will not be possible for anyone to make slaves of you all again. And cursed be those who try to bind you up again in the bonds of slavery."- King George Tupou I 1862 Emancipation Day

A speech of freedom from oppression, a liberation that is timeless. A decree, a promise and warning to generations to come.

Slavery in one dictionary states, "it is work done under harsh conditions for little or no pay".

Pay conflict

For some civil servants their wages are $TOP54 a fortnight and have been working for 23 years. Others are $TOP48 a week and for some who are more fortunate are $TOP100,000 per annum.

The salary dispute as stated by Mr Goddard is a industrial matter. Now, this matter has gone politically focused.

The minimum wage for civil servants is in the poverty line. The middle class people are struggling. The gap between the upper class is increasing while inflation is in record high. A review of salary has not been done since 1986 while inflation bubbles to this point.

To imagine how these less fortunate civil servants survived all these years is astonishing. With power prices increasing, fuel prices in record high and inflation in Tonga, one tends to wonder how the average Tongan who can support 6 children will carry on like this.

To my disgust, the Government has been planning this economical reform since 2002. The reform to increase efficency throughout the Government sector and cut jobs that are not needed has come down to revolt. To blame and point fingers on Heads of Department for not implementing these processes without taking responsibilty for this change is cowardice.

Taboo gone, respect needed

In the past normal Tongans had taboo issues when speaking out about the Government and the Royal household.

As the years have passed with controversial endavours of Shoreline prices increase, Tonga Trust Fund joke, Selling of Tongan passports, numerous sacking of Government ministers, Royal Tongan Air bust, One Domestic airline fight, (Attempt) Banning of Press for freedom of speech, Treasure hunt and the list goes on. The record of these bungles has painted this monarchy as the most controversial reign in Tongan history.

If Siaosi Taufa'ahau Tupou Maeakafaua was here today to see this present Kingdom, he would join the strikers in Pangai Si'i as well.

William Mariner

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