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Do what is good for your members

Honolulu, Hawaii

'Aloha Pesi,

Personally wanted to thank you, your wife, and staff of "MATANGI TONGA", for your part in giving all Tongans Worldwide, this great gift, "MATANGI TONGA ONLINE", this forum and platform enabling all Tongans and friends of Tonga, to participate in sharing our views and opinions in this Historical times in the History of our little Island Kingdom, TONGA. I am a latecomer in discovering "Matangi Tonga", it is only about six months ago that my sister in Los Angeles CA, called and mentioned that there are all kinds of news about "Tonga Royal Family on the Internet". That's when I got hooked on following your Web religiously. I participated then by writing one letter in Feb 5th, with my views and opinions, contra to the letters that were full of "rhetoric".

I have been following this Historical events and watching my fellow bothers and sisters in the Civil Servants/PSA Leadership, and their families, struggles, begging, crying for an honest "MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTAND", from Govt., for a fair hearing on their grievances, and how leaders of Govt.the "PM" treated them. He did not even want to see them in the beginning of this struggles, (what an arrogant way to act as leaders of Govt., and the way this "PM" treated his own people, and some of his comments in his answers in Parliament, is really pathetic and immature), there really is no way to negotiate in good faith and fairness in sharing with this Govt., I suggest to the leadership of the PSA movement to not give in to any of their dishonesty.

In my humble opinion, the leadership and members of the civil servants/PSA, were treated like second class Tongans, (i.e. I quests that's how the "status quo", in Tonga still looks down at us commoners, a second class status, well, I have news for all of you "HOU'EIKIS", we're not, we're all human being and very proud being Tongans), maybe that is some of the "Hidden Unspoken Issues" that has not been brought out in the open, for an honest and frank discussions. In my humble opinion, this is the root of the unwillingness in this Govt. and the "Status Quo", in their reluctant to come to grip with reality, "THE MAJORITY HAS LOST RESPECT FOR THIS GOVT." (Quote from an MP from NZ, KEITH LOCKE "The thing that impress me is that Tongan Govt. has lost virtually all its social support. It does not have support of the Church, the Business community, and the Education establishment, "IT DOES NOT HAVE ANY REAL SUPPORT SUBSTANCE".) (What a shame for any Govt.)

I too, have been a member of the "Union family in America", for the past 30 years, in order for me to be hired to work in the Movie Industries, I had to join the "UNION" first, we are all under the umbrellas of the A.F.L.C.I.O, I have personally experienced fighting for my rights in good faith bargaining in my many years as members of the Union in America, no one likes to see the destruction of properties, but in reality, histories will tell you, that it is part of living in a free society, sometimes those whom are in control will not listen, until their hands a force to come to their senses in all different ways of encouragement, (I hope you know what I mean), I encourage my fellow brothers and sisters in the Civil Servants/PSA workers of the Tonga movements to stick to your guns and do what is good for your members.

I've been here in Europe on an assignment for my company for the past months, but had followed the events and struggles of my brothers and sisters in the movement daily, I wished that I was in Tonga, to walk hand in hand with all the working brothers and sisters in the Tonga Labour movements of the Civil Servants/PSA of Tonga. I too would like to offer a helping hand from my Union, when I get back to Hawaii on the 5th of Sept. I have left all my correspondence at the end of this letter. Please have some one from "PSA" e-mail me details and information...’s of how we can help monetarily, I will be in contact with my leadership in Hawaii, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington D.C. for donations to our fellow brothers and sisters in the Labour movements in Tonga.

I could not beloved my eyes, after reading the answers of the govt. spokesman and Cabinet Minister Hon. 'Akauola to the NZ Herald: In my humble opinion, it's no wonder why there were 10,000 people march to show "THE PEOPLE'S POWER" that this govt. is "ARROGANT" and "DICTATORIAL" in it's actions and comments, and has no connections to the majority of the people, and that the majority of Tongans Worldwide would like to asked the (PR, MP's), to propose legislations for a "NATIONAL REFERRANDUM", and have every Tongans Worldwide of voting age "VOTE" for an Elected Democratic Systems of Govt. I would like every Tongans to give "Matangi Tonga" your thoughts after reading the comments of the govt. spokesman.

"Govt.spokesman and Cabinet minister 'Akau'ola concedes, that a poor job has been done of selling the salary package. "It had been hoped, by sorting out the ministry chief executive pay scales first, that they would then, consult those further down the chain. "THERE HAS BEEN A FAILURE ON PART OF THE GOVT. TO GET ITS MOTIVES UNDERSTOOD". AND HE WARNED THAT TONGANS WERE ALWAYS KNOWN FOR GREAT DEPTHS OF BLOODY- MINDEDNESS. (What an arrogant comments, the "status quo" just don...’t get it, I think they're on a different planet), 'Akau'ola also mentioned that the public servants felt aggrieved when it become obvious, majority of 400 out of 4'500 public servants would not get a pay rise, WHILE CABINET MINISTERS RECEIVED INCREASES OF 75 per cent. 'Akau'ola also admit that public servants has not had a pay rise since 1986. ("What are you thinking GOVT". go figure.)

What really hurts is when the "NZ HEARLD NEWS PAPER", interviewed the real workers, let me share a couple of real people with you. Dr.'ANA 'AKAVOLA, in charge of Radiology at Vaiola Hospital, she walked off the Job because, she was not unhappy about her 28%per cent salary increase, but because, "O-T-H-E-R-S, G-O-T, N-O-T-H-I-N-G". (Solidarity and Peoples Power, right on Dr.'Akavola.) The huge pay increase to Govt.Ministers understood to be 100,000 pa'anga ($74,000.00 dollars) was nothing less then corruption, she said. "IT IS CORRUPTION TO ACCEPT BIG PAY RISES, AND SAY NO TO THE REST OF CIVIL SERVANTS, AND GOVT.SAYS THERE IS NO MONEY". Then she also said, "HOW DARE THEY DO THAT". (Tell it like it is, Stand up for your rights girl.)

Ministry of Works cleaner "SIONE TUPOU", with six children to support, Sione Tupou earns 73 pa'anga ($54 dollars) every two weeks, cleaning govt. buildings. Has worked as cleaner for 23yrs. He is asking for a fair 60%to80%,=$40 dollars more every two wks, ("ANGELICA LOUT") you do the math, can you still say it is "outrages" in you LTE. I cried when reading about 'ATIVENIANA POMANA, principal of my primary school, I hoped that "Kalo and Veiongo" both from Kolomotu'a are still alive, they were my teachers at NPS, my school mates, "PITA VAMANI, UASI 'AHOKOVI, and VIKI MATAELE, and I, were all graduated together from Nuku'alofa Primary School at the same year, I'm feeling your pain 'ATIVENI, call me here in Brussels, Belgium if you need anything, Tel: 32 0476 64920, 'Ema Latu, I agree whole heartedly with you. "TEACHERS ARE NOT PAID ENOUGH".

Even Editor "PESI FONUA" agrees, that Govt. has made a mess of things. Pesi said, the Govt. had been putting problems in Tonga off, and ignoring the plea for a free and elected democracy for years. "YOU CANNOT DO ECONOMIC REFORM IN THE ABSENCE OF POLITICAL REFORM. THE TWO GO TOGETHER AND HAVE TO BE SOLVED TOGETHER. Thank you Pesi for saying the truth, I just hope that cool heads and common sense prevail. Let's see if this Govt. will listen to the majority of the people. Again thanks "MATANGI TONGA", its just one humble Tongans opinion.

Tu'a 'Ofa Atu


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