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Kingdom abandoned

London, UK

Dear Editor,
Re: Auckland thug has a lowly primeval way of communicating

Let me refresh what was inevitable in the start of my letters. The shift now, from this strike has gone to a road where history has taught many nations, that were once ruled by powerful monarchs. Those soverign nations are now super powered nations. The lesson in the past with these nations are simple: Without the people, you do not have a government! and once you have lost the respect of the people, you do not have a nation. What you have; is a nation that wants change.

That is why you have fellow countrymen burning our Tongan flag. Defiance against the Moral perversion that has clouded this Government today. The flag itself stands for pureness and fairness in a Christian sense, but is disguised with greed and corruption today. Moreover, the neanderthalic way of communication these protestors are fighting for, are for your wage increase when you finish up in University and come back to work in Tonga. That's if, J. Ragga, R. Enbeeh, I. Flava, and O. Scooh will return to a burning Kingdom.

This was what the Government of Tonga should have addressed and could have been dissolved earlier. The longer the wait, the longer the hatred and resentment you will try to handle. The priority of HM and his household to this issue seems less significant. The Kingdom has been abandoned, HM in NZ for a health check up and grand-daughter's engagement, the PM is on his fishing trip and Prince Tupouto'a God knows where he's at. To leave Tonga at this state and leave the reigns to their only daughter seems a good idea.

Now, the Government has reached a point of no return. The issue of the strike has shifted towards the dissatisfaction of leadership. And this may lead to the collapse of the once loved monarch.

So, be proud my fellow country men, study hard and one day you will join the civil sector and you can be the countless statistics that will be over worked andunder paid.

For king and Country,
William Mariner
Ship's clerk for the Port au Prince.
ionaxe [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk