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Government is against its own people

Suva, Fiji

It's a tragedy to all of us, meaning Tongans, including those who are abroad. This is only my view on what has happened out there.

I thank first for your site in bringing us these balanced and very correct information about what is happening out there in our beloving little Paradise. Through all these things that we read on Internet and watch on the news, I believe it's now time to put suggestions, not blaming.

About what I learned from this chaos in Tonga, is that the majority of the people are with the strikers. And the reaction from the government to the people seems very faraway from what we expect to happen. Meaning that this is the worst government that Tonga has ever had. Or do we say that this is the worst public servants (hundreds of them) that Tonga has ever had?

We have to make a decisions because this is the worse event that has ever occurred in Tonga. Here we lived and survive in these foreign countries, and we learned how these foreign Governments prioritise the people concerned as top issues. Compare to Tonga, dictators seems to appear there, there is no concern at all from them about what people worries about. Do they?

We can't describe the entire problem but this is a major one I think that it is commonsense to observe... Then I suggest that the government should take a step immediately otherwise we all die (cause we're already drowning). And please do try to teach the people how to go fishing, some might die in hundreds without knowing how to fish.

Faka'apa'apa atu
Philli Qarase
q_philli [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] nz