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Concern over Noni marketing

California, USA

I read an article in the Pacific Islands Report regarding a proposed study on the medicinal properties of Noni with special reference to a company in California by the name of South Pacific Trading Company, Inc. I have so much concern with companies that market a traditional Pacific Islands product claiming to be theirs.

Firstly, I am a Pacific Islander who has been conducting proper scientific research on Noni for a very long time. As a student (Graduate studies) of Kansas State University (KSU), I know what Noni is doing (taking a shot of 100% juice 5-6 times in empty stomach) to the body based on research and testimonials. Based on various researches by bio-chemists, and medical doctors (MD), Noni consists of
1. Terpene - helps with cell rejuvenation;
2. Phytonutrients - powerful anti-oxidants protection;
3. Rich in soluble and insoluble fiber - Complex carbohydrates;
4. Rich in Amino Acids - contains 17 of known amino acids including the 9 essential ones;
5. Rich in fatty acids - Poly-unsaturated;
6. Proxeronine - breaks addictions, promotes massive cellular regeneration and hormonal balancing;
7. Scopoletin - lowers blood pressure, anti-fungal, and anti-bacteria;
8. Anthraquinone - control infectious bacteria;
9. Damnacanthal - inhibits growth of pre-cancerous cells;
and many more including its ability to stimulate Nitric Oxide in the body. It has magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Copper, and Sulfur.

We also found that Noni has powerful antioxidant, but this level degrades over time when expose to light (sun light) and to room temperature. The chemical (enzymatic) reaction in the fruits can cause a lot of problems to the color, pH, the fermentation process and the flavour during harvesting. Proper harvesting and handling of the fruits and cleaning with chlorinated water is very crucial to maintain the nutritional quality.

Let us not forget that Noni is lucky that there is very little resistance from consumer protection agencies. There is not a scientific data yet to support the use of Noni as a medicine. However, based on our nutritional and micro-biological analysis Noni is high in most of the nutrients we all need to intake more such as complex carbohydrates including dietary fiber, Vitamins A & C, Calcium, Iron and Potassium. Too much Potassium is not recommended for diabetes especially at the peak level.

I am also worried about the company's use of the word " South Pacific" the USDA Organic symbol, and the fact that there is no "Supplement Facts" shown on the label. With the strict Home Land Security rules and regulations, processors and marketers must go through a very long process to be able to enter the US market. To claim that Noni from Tahiti and Hawaii are pure organic, that is yet to be proved by the FDA and USDA agencies.

I am also concerned about the statement "...Laboratory analyzed prior to acceptance during production..." What type of analysis is statement is referring to?

Thank you
Edgar Cocker
Researcher for USDA program on Cooperative, Research, Education and
Extension Services (CREES)
edgarc [at] ksu [dot] edu