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Edwards and the other Edward


It was a tsunami like wave that was felt through out the land, the islands that is, when Mr. Edwards blasted the royals with accusations of misappropriations and misgivings during the time he was basking in the limelight and among the elites and the crème de la crème of the populace.

Now that his privileges are withdrawn and he is no longer allowed to abuse the system to benefit himself and his friends, he wants to go back and correct the wrongs he should have committed.

Meanwhile, the other Edward, (Dr. Etuate Lavulavu) is running for another term. He wants to get it right this time. I am not privileged to all his repertoire of outlandish and comical outbursts, but I am sure in due time everything will be out in the open. Mr. Akilisi Pohiva may not be convinced of this new person, but I for one is a convert to Edward's side.

Of course, Dr. Edward had his shortcomings. It is a fact that he called members of parliament names. It also true he challenged them for a brawl. If you were not a believer in his seriousness for a brawl, ask Mr. Pohiva. Was it a right or a left hook? Shoooosh! Baaam! Down for the count. Whether it was a lucky punch, I am not in a situation to make a case, however, Dr. Edward meant business. We need serious people in parliament.

Now these are all the reasons why the two Edwards should be elected to the parliament. They both have a reason to go back, unfinished businesses. We don't know what scheme Mr. Edwards will start to suck the economic life that is left by the royals, but we know his pride was hurt. On the other hand, Dr Edward knows there will be fresh bodies to be challenged after the last vote is count. Who knows, if their voices are not heard, we can always bet in their comical outbursts. ...

Foa Boy

Langi, Tevita U.