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Congratulations on 14 million hits in 2004. It is quite exciting to read all letters to the Editor and all individual opinions, accusations, blaming, etc. about Mr. Clive Edwards, HRH Crown Prince Tupouto'a, Tupou Helu Layton, Siane Tuione, Edgar Cocker and others. I would like to express my humble opinion on how I feel about the situation in our little Island Kingdom, TONGA. Firstly, I would like to correct two comments made by Mr. Siane Tui'one.

(1.) Your comment about Tupou Helu Layton, taking a picture with Gov. Hilary Clinton of NY. For your information, the Gov. of NY is Gov. PATAKI, Hon. Hilary Clinton is a Senator from NY.

(2) Your comment on Clive Edwards's causing the sending of Dennis Privin back to the US after the Deborah Gardner's trial, is totally false. If you would like to know the real truth about how it really happened, I'll give you a number in Washington DC, where you could get all the facts about the Deborah Gardener case. It was the persuasive mighty power of the US State Dept. that bullied the Tongan Government at the time to release Dennis Priven to the Custody of the State Dept. (This was really a misusing of Power in the Highest Order.)

Debating Issues that concern the livelihood of Tongan citizens living in Tonga is a very healthy exercise that should be discussed among prospective Candidates, to lay out their individual visions, plans and platforms on direction for the future of our people.

In my humble opinion, all Tongans should all be thankful that we grew up in a free society, realizing the wisdom of King Tupou I with the help of Rev. S.W. Baker in instituting the Constitution in 1875. That Document may not be perfect, but that's the challenge that our prospective candidates will face in the coming months, in debating the kind of proposal to government. Of how the power in the present constitution should be shared. At present, the King and the Privy Council is the branch of government that initiates the laws and regulations of the country which are then passed to the Legislative Assembly to debate. If the Legislative Assembly votes the bill into law, then the King and the Privy Council will choose to allow the passage of the new bill as law or to veto the proposed law.

If you really love Tonga, send in some constructive proposals, instead of name-calling, we should study each candidate's issues and have respect to the House of the King -- remember the Document of 1875.

Mahalo Nui Loa Pumehana

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