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To demand respect you must earn respect

New York, USA

Reponse to: HRH Tupouto'a's letter “Reply to Clive Edwards”

Dear Editor,

To respond to the Tongan Crown Prince Tupouto'a's comments about my honest opinions on his behalf, I would say " To Demand Respect You Must Earn Respect" whether you are a member of royals, nobles or leaders, you must show commpassion and respect to your own people.

In my first letter to Matangi Tonga, 2004, I pleaded with the Crown Prince to please humble himself and help his own people, for the sake of his future country. He chose to stand with his brother, his relatives, and all the other rich members in Tonga, against the poor commoners in Tonga. He watched the commoners struggle daily, while he paid Sefo Manilala and his brother outrageous salaries with the Tongan people's hard earned money. It is cold and uncivilized.

The Crown Prince makes a comment that he has never heard of me, and I would like to take this opportunity to inform His Highness who I am. My grandmother is Sela Maeliuaki, who is older than your great grand mother Amelia. I am your faraway cousin, and my mother is from the Noble Luani Family.

I called myself a humble commoner who has been fortunate enough to own seven companies in America, with coporate offices in Wall Street, New York, USA. RTA approached my company for a loan of $2.5 millions to help save them from repossession, I asked for all financial information in order to help them, and no one ever responded. I have been approached by your main man Sefo Manilala, to help your company Shoreline, and had a meeting in back in 2003, but he refused to go forward with the deal.

As you see, I have tried many times to help the Governemnt of Tonga. I sent a proposal to the Minister of Finance, Minister of Works, Minister of Labour, Minister of Land, with a well prepared Risk Management Plan to help the Government of Tonga, but no one replied or responded. They just kept my plan.

Ask any of these ministers and they will tell you who I am. I have met with your Mother, whom I called my aunt, in terms of getting land to build manufacturing for Tonga, but still no one responded.

In due respect to your position as Crown Prince and the future King of Tonga, I voice my opinions for the sake of all Tongans. I fear no one, and no evil. I have accomplished 7 companies and have helped all types of people and companies in America, but why not use some of my energy to help all commoners and all our poor people in Tonga.

Success must return back to those who made them, who are the people of Tonga. The royals members must acknowledge and respect the commoners or the people of Tonga, who can return respect and help build the country. Favouritism and selfishness, are seen everywhere in Tonga, only whom you know, get the job, and the big salary, the poor continue to stay poor.

This is 2005, changes must begin Tonga, for sake of all Tongans. It must demonstrate from the Top Government Leaders. It needs an action plan and apply it to reality. Freedom of Speech and Equal Rights for all Tonga, must apply, in order to lift poverty.

Since you came public and offered your opinions we must work together to solve these problems in Tonga. We as Tongans are tired of sitting on the floor like a door mat, its time for equal rights with all members of Royals and Nobles. No one deserves to sit on the floor, my God we are not back in slavery or darkness any more.

All Tonga demands a plan to lift poverty, to build the economy, and be free and happy. Spreading dirty rumors about Mr. Clive Edwards will not help the problems in Tonga, whether Mr. Edwards is guilty of these allegations or not. I believe it was the Tongan Government system that allowed him to do such a thing.

Let the Tongan people decide for themselves. Mr Edwards is showing a plan, I trust he can apply it to help all Tongans.

Respectfully Yours,

Tupou Layton

26 January 2005