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Tuesday 9 March 2021

Auckland, New Zealand
Early warning systems on Raoul Island, one of New Zealand’s most integral sites for monitoring earthquakes and tsunami, will undergo critical repairs after an earthquake occurred in the area last Friday. The tidal gauge at Raoul provides critical early warning for the Pacific Islands. On March 5 a tsunami wave took about 44 minutes to travel between the Fishrock gauge and the Nuku'alofa gauge.
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Saturday 3 October 2009
While it is true that in the deep ocean a tsunami's wavelength is so broad that the wave's height is almost imperceptible, we all know that many small Pacific islands are barely above sea level, and many do not have the sheer drop-offs to the seafloor that would prevent a tsunami from slowing down and rearing up into a very perceptible and very dangerous wave. Both of these traits mean that tsunamis can be dangerous to many Pacific islands, whether the tsunami begins nearby or far away. -Dan Clem
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Wednesday 5 January 2005
Jakarta, Indonesia
We're all witnessing what tsunamis can do, but what are the lessons learned that are useful to Tonga? Before I relate my experiences below, I want you to know that Tonga is even more at the center of my thoughts and silent prayers this week. The tsunami devastation is haunting me. The number of people who have died in Aceh alone exceeds Tonga's population of 100,000! by Tupou Lindborg.
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