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Thursday 15 October 2009
Auckland, New Zealand
Like your correspondent Sione Mokofisi from the US, I too would like to see more trade between Tonga and NZ and especially our agricultural exports. It will offer an opportunity for both countries to mitigate what is now a long-running multi-million dollar imbalance in favour of New Zealand. That's a commonly held fact which backgrounds the trade discussions between NZ and Tonga over the years. Which is why I'm surprised at the claims of a trade barrier and price-control policies restricting inflows of Tongan watermelons.- Sefita Hao'uli
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Monday 12 October 2009
Salt Lake City-Utah, USA
I hope that NZ PM Key's visit (July 8, 2009), and Minister for Foreign Affairs McCully (July 20, 2009), to Tonga were not empty promises to removing barriers in Tonga-NZ trade policies.Tongan farmers are still handicapped by more trade barriers. -Sione A. Mokofisi
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